What to Expect From Your First Facial

When I went with my sister to get my first ever facial, I have to admit I was nervous.  No one told me what it involved and I had no idea what to expect!  After my appointment, however, I was more than happy with the results!  If you are felling nervous about taking the leap and trying it out, here is what to expect:facial room

When you first get to the spa, don’t be afraid to use everything they offer.  This may include a steam room, sauna, hot tub, and shower.  My sister informed me that I should arrive to the appointment about an hour early, just so I could experience all of the services they provide.  Get your money’s worth ladies!

Going into the steam room opens up your pores before the facial begins.  This both relaxed me and made my face feel a bit softer before I started my appointment.  I highlsteam roomy recommend using this room if your spa offers it!

When it came time for my actual facial appointment, I was asked a few questions. Don’t worry, you will NOT be quizzed.  The woman simply asked me what I wanted to get out of my facial and what kinds of products I generally use on my skin. Don’t be afraid to admit if you use cheaper brands for skincare. I use them too, and the woman still did not lecture me on needing to take better care of my skin.  She simply told me what she would advise and then got into the actual facial.

After I climbed into the bed for the facial, I was a bit worried again.  Would it hurt? Would she mess up my skin? Obviously, neither of these things happened.  A steam machine was used to open up my pores (again), and then I received a multitude of products and massages that were applied to my face, neck, and even shoulders.  I have to tell you, it was wonderful and relaxing.

The next day, despite my distrust in facials beforehand, my skin felt a whole lot smoother. It forces you to recognize what kinds of products you might be missing in your daily routine and facial-massagereminds you not to touch your face for a few days.  These things alone helped my face clear up.

Long story short, don’t be nervous!  Facials are a relaxing and fun experience, and I highly recommend giving them a try!


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