{What to Wear} Beach Boardwalk

Summertime is all about hitting the beaches. But what happens after you spend hours at the beach? Or what if you don’t want to stay there all day? What about when nighttime falls? Or want to grab something to eat? Well, most of the time this means it’s time to hit the boardwalk. We’re here to help you with the perfect outfit to rock the beach boardwalk this summer!

If you’re going to the boardwalk straight from the beach or vise-versa , no need to worry! This outfit can be worn right over your bathing suit. And if you’re going to the boardwalk at night with no intentions of going to the beach or pool, it’s safe to wear your suit under your outfit anyway! You never know where you’ll end up while you’re on vacation or at the beach!

There’s no need to get too dressed up when going for a walk on the boardwalk. Sure, you can dress up if you’d like to, but it’s in no way necessary We figured that the simpler the outfit, the better.

The easiest thing to wear are shorts and a tank top. They’re light, airy, and can be super cute! They can easily be worn over any suit and look great. It’d be best to go with a black or white tank if your suit is colored or patterned. Ripped jean shorts would look really cute because they tend to give off that beachy vibe!

If you’re going to the boardwalk at night, make sure to bring a light cardigan with you! It may feel hot, but you never know. It can get chilly by the beach at night and most places have air conditioning. Like we said earlier, you never know where you can end up!

When it comes to footwear, flip-flops are always a go-to. If you know they’re going to hurt you after walking for awhile, though, it would be best to wear sneakers or converse. Any shoes would really look good with this outfit!

Top off your outfit with a cute bag and hat (if you want) and you’re good to go! You’ll be looking super cute on the boardwalk in no time!


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