What to Wear for a Walk in the Park

What to Wear for a Walk in the Park

A casual stroll in the park can be so relaxing this time of year. You of course want to be comfortable, but there’s no reason you can’t look stylish too. The summer can get brutally hot, so you’ll want to go for a pair of shorts to start off your outfit. Printed and fabric shorts are very trendy right now, especially lace.

The lace texture feels light and gives your outfit some depth. A pair in cream is a perfect neutral pick. Explore some fun, summery colors on top. Any color will match with cream so don’t be afraid to wear an unconventional hue.

As shown above, lime green gives the outfit a nice pop of color. Because the blouse is sheer, the color is not so overwhelming and gives your look a soft, feminine vibe.

Since you will be walking, you’ll want to have comfortable shoes. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to opt for sneakers. An oxford flat is a great transition between a sneaker and a flat. They will be comfortable enough to walk in, but still give your look a stylish edge.

Going with the soft, feminine vibe, try out a statement headband. Big headbands have been making a comeback and can take your outfit to another level. The one pictured above is a simple row of flowers on a rope band. Funky, pretty, and just what you need to complete your look!

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