What to Wear When You Shop

Outlet malls are the best place for any shopping. You can get name brand and designer items for fraction of the cost they sell in their stores and online. Unlike men, a woman’s favorite past time is shopping and many would consider that a sport. You need durable shoes, relaxed clothing and a handbag big enough to carry all your necessities. I understand this sounds like a marathon, but when women shop we must prepare for battle. Especially at outlet malls, when deals are everywhere and people literally shop til they drop!

The key to shopping is comfort. When you’re walking around the outlet, you want to wear a secure, comfortable pair of shoes such as flats, Toms or shoes that tie. Little accessories will help accentuate the colors and the feel of the outfit. Also, an over-the-shoulder handbag is essential to carry your money, make-up, etc., but it also keeps your hands free when you need to carry shopping bags. An easy-going blouse or shirt with a pair of skinny’s is the perfect combo for long hours of walking.


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    How true. My daughter & I went shopping yesterday @ Gurnee Mills Outlet. We knew when we left it would be an all day thing. If I could add one thing, I would say leave eating last. Although we shut it down we lost approximately 30 mins of power shopping. Great post and tips, especially about the handbag!

    • Brittany
    • August 5, 2012

    Loved it, thanks for the tips!

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    thank you so much i found a bunch of outfits

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