What to Wear to an Ice Cream Social




What to Wear to an Ice Cream Social

Ice cream socials are no longer just a thing of the 50’s; lately they’ve been making a huge comeback and they make for a great party idea. If you happen to throw an ice cream social or get invited to one and don’t know what to wear, we’re here to help! First things first, pastel colors are always a great thing to wear. Many ice creams are pastel, so your outfit will definitely fit the theme if you arrive in light colors too. Try dressing up in your favorite ice cream flavor color! A pastel dress with wedges and a clutch would be a super cute choice to an ice cream social. If you don’t feel comfortable in that, jeans and cute shirt would work too! For ice cream socials, anything goes. It all depends on where the party is being hosted, how big of an event it is and how formal. Find out the details and then plan accordingly! If you’ve never been to an ice cream social or haven’t been invited to one, then plan one of your own! They’re a lot of fun and the treats are always delicious!

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