What to Wear to Weekly Book Club Meetings

What to Wear to Weekly Book Club Meetings

After a week of grunt work and deadlines at the office, it’s easy to look ahead to the end of week for the weekly book club meeting! The day where you and all your girls meet to unwind, catch up on gossip, have some drinks and of course, talk about the juicy details of the book you’re reading. And, depending on the day or where you meet, there’s a lot of leeway in dressing for this occasion.

Though it’s a book club, the whole meeting isn’t going to be spent discussing a book. Let’s get real ladies, drinks will be flowing and gossip and laughter will ensue.

Situation #1
You have an extremely rough week with a new co-worker and schedule to meet the hottest new restaurant/bar. After dinner and the meeting, it’s time for drinks. Wearing leather shorts and a men’s button-up can make you look dressy casual. Make dark colors pop with red heels and a matching red clutch (big enough to hold your book, of course) and always accessorize!

Situation #2
It’s been another rough week and this time, your nagging boss was the problem. Solution: host the book club meeting and make your place feel relaxing. Pour some wine, order some pizza and invite the girls over (pajama’s only) to get comfortable for a night in. Dressing in pajamas doesn’t have to be boring. Look cute by wearing shorts and a tee or sweats and a tank!


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