What to Wear to Your First College Party

Okay, you’ve finally adjusted to college life and your friends want to go to a Fraternity party.  Exciting? Yes!  However, there are some things that one should keep in mind.  Cool, Classy, and Cute are the three C’s that should stay in your head when thinking about how to look fabulous.  Although it may be a breezy sixty  degrees outside, inside can feel like a sauna!  Depending on the houses popularity, the house could be as hot as a summer day.  So, think about a light sweater or thin scarf, before rocking the leather jacket.

Also, it’s okay to want to leave some to the imagination!  Guys like a classy girl, and will want to talk to you, even if you’re not in a scandalous outfit!  Slip on an fun and flirty dress, or go casual and chic with the perfect LBD.  Then pair with a smokey eye and neutral lipgloss.  Yes, sky high heels might make our legs look long, lean, and fabulous, but they are not easy to stand in for hours at a time.  So, grab either a comfy pair of booties or glitzy flats.  Keep your hair down to complete the look, but always have a hair tie on your wrist when the temperature rises, and you feel like dancing with your girlfriends!

Lastly, don’t forget to wear a cross-body bag, so you don’t need to set any of your belongings down.  Try a glitzy clutch that can be transformed into a purse.

Now you know exactly what to wear to your first college party.

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