What to Wear to Your First Frat Party

Summer may be over, but most college kids are looking forward to heading back to school. The first week is known as syllabus week — meaning a week full of partying before classes really start. That means you’re most likely going to make a trip to a frat house and for the freshman, this is basically a right of passage at the start of their college career. So the big question is: what are you going to wear to your first frat party? My main advice is to avoid over doing it. This means no heels or body con skirts. If you look like you could go to a club in your outfit, then it’s too much and you  might want to think about changing. So take a look at some essentials for your frat party attire.

Cute top – There are so many options you can go with, but stick with something simple like a flow-y top, a loose t-shirt, or a crop top. If you’re feeling a little underdressed, then throw on a statement necklace and you’re good to go.

Jeans/Shorts – Make sure to get your cute patterned shorts in use before fall weather fully starts kicking in. If you’re not feeling shorts, then jeans always work.Frat party

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Leggings – These pants substitute are a wardrobe staple for every college girl, and they have become a very common choice for party attire. They are comfortable, but still flattering to your figure, so I can see why.

Boots – Whether they’re ankle, combat, riding, thigh-high, or even rain boots—they’re a must have in your wardrobe and perfect for a frat party. Avoid flats; if you step in something, you’ll be hating life trying to find something to wipe them off.Frat party

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Leather Jacket/ lightweight coat – DON’T WEAR YOUR BLACK NORTH FACE. Everyone has the same one, so if the party does have a designated place to keep your coat, you’ll never find it again. Leather or any other lightweight coat is perfect, because it gets so incredibly hot in those parties. Wear a cheap one too in case you lose it or it gets stolen (it happens).

Sneakers – They can make the dressiest outfits seems casual. Whether you want to rock some Chucks, Vans, or even Adidas like Gigi Hadid, sneakers are great for a frat party.

Accessories – Necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets can make even the simplest outfits seem fit for a party. Scarves and hats are also a fun way to change up your look. Be careful with your rings though, you can lose them very easily.image

image by candor-amity featuring a gold anchor pendant

Hopefully this list gave you a better sense of what to wear to a frat party. Remember to keep it simple, and not to stress over finding the perfect outfit. It’s a frat party, and they’re actually pretty gross, so wearing your best clothes really isn’t necessary. Just pick out something you’re comfortable in and go have fun—and stay safe.

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