5 Things Everyone Should Do When They Wake Up

do when they wake up

Waking up is something we all dread. You want that extra hour of sleep and hope work gets cancelled just this one time. Although the morning can be a struggle, here are some tips you should follow to get that extra boost of energy when you start your day.  These are 5 things you should do when you wake up.

1)    Wash your Face:

Not only will the cool water wake you up, but it’s also important that your pores are opened and clean before the dirt and sweat of the day begins to come in. Your freshly smooth skin will give you confidence for the day.

2)    Exercise for 15 Minutes:

Not everybody showers in the morning so this exercise doesn’t need to be intense. A quick walk around your block or even a few crunches or lunges in your living room will suffice. This short amount of time will get your blood flowing to make it through the day.

3)    Have a Cup of Coffee:

A nice, bold roast will open many of your senses. The aroma alone of coffee beans can perk you up and the little bit of caffeine will get you going.

4)    Eat a Hearty Breakfast:

This cannot be stressed enough! Breakfast is very important. A nice, hearty meal can make all the difference in the morning. Not only will you feel ready and able for the day, but you’ll also be able to focus better on your work. You’ll feel full and not so concerned with when you’re going to be able to eat next.

5)    Read or Watch the News:

Although this will not physically give you energy, mentally it will. It’s important to get your brain stimulated and flowing in order to be more alert for the day. You’ll feel accomplished and have the right mind frame to complete your best work.

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