What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Color is that added piece of flavor that gives just the right amount of spice to the world. It’s also a must in any wardrobe. So, let’s see what your favorite color says about you and your personality!

Red: The color of power. Red exudes energy and ambition with a seductive confidence that will keep heads turning. Red is never afraid to take the lead and go for the gold.

Green: The color of balance and compassion. A philosophical flow of relaxation and a unique outlook on life keeps green stable and humble. Those who favor green are flexible and understanding.

Blue: One of the more popular favorites, blue is sensitive and connected. It’s a color of calm tranquility. Blue is attached to the world in an emotional way, always in search for peacefulness.

Brown: The dependable color. Brown represents masculinity and maturity. It’s realistic and solid. The foundation.

Purple: A regal color that gets to the center of things with its intuition and creativity. Purple is a strong color, one that radiates wisdom. Purple is a seeker.

Pink: The playful romantic. Those who flock to pink are funny and blissful beings, who thrive off of their individuality and often quirky nature. Pink is artistic and sensitive.

 Yellow: The color of the intellectual. Yellow is aware. Introverted yet driven, their curiosity powers their shine.

White: The color of honesty. White is shy and Naïve. However, their temperament remains serious and truthful. They may stand in the background but there are not out of the picture.

Black: The color of class. Black is strong and timeless. Their style goes unquestioned. Black is the sophisticated perfectionist, always controlled and posh. The pillar of the edifice.

Orange: The joyful one. Orange is enthusiastic and impulsive. Loudly they accept others into their circle. Their energy is consuming yet always optimistic.

Now that you know what your favorite color says about you, approach color in a new way. Take more challenges and step out of your comfort zone. Explore your not so favorite colors and try to tap into the other layers of yourself. Start experimenting with color in your life become the dynamic diva you were born to be!

For more color theory visit this helpful site! http://www.blogthings.com/whatdoesyourfavoritecolorsayaboutyouquiz/

^ Take their test and be sure to quiz your friends!  Come back and leave a comment, we’d love to hear your color. 🙂

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    • Violet Sullivan
    • January 18, 2016

    Since both my name and my favorite color are violet, I guess I’m a pretty regal person! I love the idea of purple being associated with intuition and creativity as well as royalty. I am definitely a seeker, and I hope that I “radiate wisdom.” Thanks for the color theory information!

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