What Your Summer Concert Look Says About You

Concerts are a great place to make new friends because they’re usually packed with people from all different walks of life who just so happen to have the same taste in music. Believe it or not, you can tell more than you’d think about that girl in the mosh-pit next to you just based on what she’s wearing. After all, an outfit speaks a thousand words…


The sundress & sandals Sweetheart

Girls who vie for a flowy sundress and cute strappy sandals tend to be sweet and more reserved. They came to enjoy the music and, of course, to take a montage of selfies with their best friends. These girls are loyal to the end, loved by most, and almost always find their way backstage by the end of the night.

The flowered & crop-topped Hipsta-Sista

Bringing back the 90’s look with flowered headbands, airy crop-tops, and high-waisted shorts, these girls really wish they were at Coachella and not at whatever less impressive/ not excessively-indie music venue you’re currently try to push your way to the front of the stage at. They are free spirits and are not the type of girls to say no to a good time. Ever. You’ll usually find them swaying to the music on the shoulders of muscular, shirtless could-be Hollister models.

The high-heeled Hottie

These girls don’t just spend half a fortune on Ticketmaster to enjoy the band; they come to turn heads, which is exactly what they do. These beauties are fierce, strong, and independent. They’re usually found hovering near the open bar, chatting up the groupie-cutie with the shy smile. They try not to step on the toes of Sundress & Sandals girls, literally.

The edgy print Eye-Candy 

Rocking a top or romper with an edgy print (and usually a snapback with a funny saying), these girls know how to party. They’re usually found holding their own in the mosh pit, and will have lost their voices completely by the end of the concert. They are bubbly, charismatic, and make new friends easily.

The concert tee Cutie

Ah, sweet simplicity. Girls who choose to go for an effortless look that consists of a T-shirt with the band logo on it, jean shorts, and flip-flops are some of the most easy-going and chill girls you’ll meet. They didn’t come to impress; they came to have fun. These babes are loved by all, but tend to have more guy-friends than girlfriends. Keep your eyes peeled for them surfing the crowd like Bethany Hamilton in the Hawaiian Pacific.

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