Things You Should Have in Your Handbag

A girl can never have enough handbags! But a girl can certainly have too much in her bag. Though it can be tempting to throw everything into a tote and go, taking the time to empty everything out because you can’t find your keys lost in the mess is not something we want to deal with on a daily basis. So we have the scoop on the top ten handbag essentials that you never want to leave home without!

  1. Hand Sanitizer- This is a must! You never know what germs you may come in contact with during the day. Having a travel size Purell bottle in your purse will be comforting to have, especially when you are stuck in an office next to someone coughing the entire day.
  2. Breath Fresheners- No one wants to get stuck with bad breath! Freshen your breath on-the-go with a mint or piece of gum (Just make sure it’s sugarless!)
  3. Lip Balm- Never leave the house without it! Keeping your lips protected from the sun and wind is important so look for one with SPF. Tinted lip balms add the perfect amount of color and moisture.
  4. Hair Brush- Whether your hair gets messy from the windows down in your car or you need a quick touch up, having a small brush in your bag will always come in handy.  Look for a brush and mirror duo. You can find one at most drugstores and they take up less space in your bag.
  5. Oil Absorbing Sheets- These beauty blotters save the day. Instead of caking on more makeup to hide the shine, use an absorbing sheet to eliminate any unwanted dirt and oil on your face.
  6. Q-tips- Carry these to touch up your makeup throughout the day. Q-tips are perfect for wiping away running eyeliner and smudging lipstick!
  7. Perfume- No, not your full size bottle of your favorite perfume. Roll-on perfumes are perfect for travelling. Visit any department store and ask for sample sizes of your favorite perfumes. They will hardly take up any space in your bag!
  8. Headphones- Listen to music on your phone or an mp3 player. It will make your commute seem much faster.
  9. Sunglasses- Your favorite pair of sunglasses will make you look and feel good. Not to mention, protect your eyes from the sun!
  10. Something To Read- Carrying a book or magazine with you is always a good idea. You will thank yourself later if you miss your train or your appointment is running behind schedule.

What’s in your bag?


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  1. Reply

    I like to keep a stash of band aid friction block in my bag too. It helps with preventing blisters on the back of your heels.

    • Jenny P.
    • August 8, 2012

    @Natalie Ewwie 🙂 jk great idea!!

    • adaredia
    • August 13, 2012

    I definitely keep a travel size lotion in my bag- which also gives you something to use with the q-tips to take off running makeup.

    And instead of the magazine I take my iPad to read books on!

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