What’s The Biggest Skin Trend This Season?

Less is definitely more when it comes to makeup. Unless you’re going full on vamp for a big night out, you want to keep it subtle. After all, no one wants to look like they’re making too much of an effort when you’re just hanging out with your friends. Too much makeup can look cheap. And no one wants that!


Last year significant trends were all about contouring and strobing. Shaping your face using makeup is a clever trick, but it’s easy to get wrong. Sure, we’ve all seen those girls who have been a little bit too heavy handed and look almost as stripy as a tiger. Also, see those eyebrows that look like they’ve been painted on with giant rollers! Do these girls not have friends to tell them that they might need to uh, tone down their look a little? It’s amazing. It’s great to define your own look, but you can risk looking ridiculous if you don’t do it right.

This year is all about the gym skin. Barely there makeup with foundation buffed to perfection. It’s a look that means you need to try and be as flawless as possible – or excellent at faking it! You want to appear like you’ve just come from the gym, healthy and glowing -I don’t mean a sweaty mess!

If you need a little help with the basics, then the other big trend for summer 2016 is microdermabrasion. This helps get rid of imperfections by removing the dead layers of tissue to help rejuvenate the skin below. It gives you a glowing look, and you’ll be the envy of your friends The best bit is you can do microdermabrasion at home and save yourself some cash.

To give you that fresh, just come from the gym look, think extra glowy complexions, and illuminated cheekbones. A little gloss on the eyelids will give you a fresh faced look, and is this season’s take on the no makeup look. Keeping your skin well moisturized is crucial if you want to rock this fashionable face. If your skin is dry and tired, then you need to hydrate. And that’s inside as well as out.

Remember, water is your friend when it comes to your skin. Looking flawless isn’t going to happen if you’re not taking in enough H20. It’s one of the biggest ways you can keep your complexion looking fresh. You’ll have fewer spots, fewer bags and healthy looking skin What’s not to love?

Clear or tinted mascara will help you get the gym skin look, and you need a strong base that as illumination included. That’s the secret to this season’s hottest look. Use a primer to make sure your products don’t just slide off, but try to stay away from powder, as you’ll mattify your visage, which is not going to work.

What are your favorite ways to keep looking fresh? Do you love the barely there look, or do you prefer to be a little more obvious?

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