Which Major U.S. City is Right for You?

Each major U.S. city has it’s own personality and charm that attracts different types of people to it’s crowded streets.  Whether it is Chicago, Las Angeles, New York, or Boston, there is a city that is right for you, it is simply a matter of figuring out which one!

  • If you are a fast paced person who gets bored easily, try… New York City

nycWith all of its different boroughs, you simply cannot get bored of where you live.  If you want a change of scenery, simply hop on a subway or bus and the city looks completely different.  This truly is the city that never sleeps, so make sure you are the kind of person who can keep up.  The night life is second to none, and the people, despite the stigma associated with the big apple, are always down to show you the coolest clubs and bars.  Like most of the other cities on this list, living in Manhattan can be very expensive, but when you realize you are within walking distance of Broadway, the empire state building, and central park, it becomes worth it.


  • If you are young and determined, try… Boston.

bostonBoston has been compared to a huge college campus, and, therefore, is becoming a very young city.  If you are college-age or just got out of school, this is a great place to be with other people your age.  This city is much cleaner than New York, and definitely sleeps more.  There are some amazing job opportunities in Boston, but you must be determined to nab a really great one.  With all these colleges, the competition is stiff, so you must be up for the challenge.


  • If you love the cold and are clean, neat, and organized, try… Chicago.

chicagoChicago is, simply put, a cleaner, colder, New York City.  It is modern and has some incredible architecture, so if you want a great apartment, Chicago is a great place to look.  Their train system is very organized and easy to understand, so you don’t need to worry about catching on quickly.  The only downside to this incredible city is the weather.  To make it in Chicago, you must be comfortable with bundling up in the winter and enduring some tough winds, but if you can make it through the winter, you will see how beautiful this city can be.


  • If you like driving, can’t stand the winter, and love to explore try… Los Angeles.las angeles If the sight of snow makes you cringe and the idea of a relaxing day on the beach fills you with anticipation, then LA may be the place for you to settle down.  Out of all the cities I have mentioned, Los Angeles has the best weather, year round.  You are close to the beach, but can also drive upstate and experience the beautiful sights of a more rural California.  The city of Angels is notorious for traffic, but it is also the only city where having a car is necessary, so if you are big into driving, this is your city!
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