Why Being A Gamer Is Totally Acceptable #VZWBuzz

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, (I received a phone with line of service from Verizon. No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise a positive feedback) All opinions are my own.Peach fuzzWhen you first hear the word gamer, the first thing that probably pop in your head is a person sitting in front of a computer glued to the screen and playing Candy Crush for 24 hours 7 days a week. Not really. Gamers are more than just playing video games all the time, in fact in playing games, they are as helpful as  learning, through the virtual screen with their own goals and objectives you must compete.

Being a gamer isn’t bad as people always believe. Yes, sitting down in the same spot too long is not good for your health and your body. But as playing games, whether it be an adventure games to simulators to minigames, it is a wonderful source of learning. For instance, the Space Race on Quizlet help test your memory of vocabulary and ability to answer fast. Or the Freerice which give 10 grains of rice for every correct answer you get to help end world hunger.

But games are more than just quizzes. For the adventures, the ways to finding something on a quest, is a learning environment. From these miniature events that happen on the journey, you learn of lessons vital to life and as well as knowing how to face surprises and dealing with elements.

Or worst case scenario, if you’re stuck in the wilderness, all those action packed games would help you in timely need with some self-defense. Not to mention you can’t forget any of those fps games that teach you the future of tomorrow in scientific future. All these games are all helpful – and someone at least had play some version of a game, whether it’s the simple old Mario game to Pokemon to Pacman, everyone had been a gamer in their life.

Next time you think gaming doesn’t mean anything, reconsider. Being a gamer is totally acceptable.

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