Why Eating Colorful Veggies and Fruits are Essential



Think back to your previous meal. Did you have a myriad of colorful fruits and veggies included on your plate, or was it characterized mainly by bland neutrals? It may sound silly to ask this, but if your plate was compiled of mainly neutral tone foods, then you may have missed out on a large portion of your daily nutrients.

In fact, studies have shown that a whopping eight in 10 people don’t eat an assortment of colorful fruits in veggies. Yikes! Since colorful fruits and veggies are fortified with different minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients, this means that eight in 10 people suffer from a nutrient deficiency unknowingly. This stumbling statistic also means that eight in 10 people are rejecting an excellent, convenient opportunity to chisel down that number on the scale. Do we have your attention now? Good.

Now, thanks to some tips from Fitness Magazine, here are some reasons why you need to pencil in these fruits and veggies of each color.


Ah, yes. Of course you know greens are the almighty wonder-workers of the vegetable world. Here’s why:

Spinach keeps your skin tone glowing and fresh, so have a fresh spinach salad before soaking up the rays.

Avocados, as well, are the perfect remedy for a rotten mood. The monounsaturated fats work with your brain cells, which are composed with these healthy fats, to send good vibrations through your body.



Red chili peppers may tickle your tastebuds, but studies have shown that popping these pipers in the morning will suppress your hunger throughout the day. These are easy to add to your morning omelette.

Strawberries give you more of a reason to smile. Salicylic Acid found in strawberries whitens your teeth as your chomping, so you are satisfying and whitening your sweet tooth.

Also, don’t forget the beets in your salad or on your sandwich before you hit the gym. Studies have shown that a special ability to increase endurance during a workout.



Mangoes have been show to reduce your risk of cancer, giving you even more of a reason to pile them into your juicer.

Sweet Potatoes also have 30 percent more potassium than a banana, so chomp on a baked sweet potato when you have a muscle cramp.

Let yourself get carried away with the pumpkin craze! Pumpkin seeds are packed with zinc, which enhance memory, hand-eye-coordination, and more functions.



Yellow bell peppers are loaded with vitamin C, and in fact, hold more than orange fruits and vegetables.

If that isn’t enough, eat pineapple before you wiggle into your swimsuit. Special enzymes found in pineapple reduce bloating.

Lastly, corn on the cob guards your eyes from harmful UV rays. Just think about all of the money you could save by eating corn instead of buying expensive sunglasses!


Purples and blues

Cramming for a test? Blueberries are your perfect study aid. These little juicy berries regulate blood flow to the brain, keeping you from getting distracted.

Coming down with the cold? Plums contain certain acids that have been proven to stunt the growth of infections.



Yes, white foods may not be the most chromatic foods, but they also have nutrients that your body needs.

Milk may build strong bones, but leeks have been shown to aid with osteoporosis.

Additionally, although onions aren’t the best thing to eat on a date, make sure they make it into your diet. Onions have a special antibiotic that keeps your teeth from rotting.

Last, but not least, potatoes should be included in your diet. Potatoes? Yeah yeah yeah, they haven’t had the best reputation in the past, but if you care about your heart, then listen up. Studies have revealed that B6, which is found in troves in potatoes, are a factor in forestalling heart disease.


So, although that pasta with creamy, mouth-watering alfredo sauce looks oh-so-inviting, put down the fork and think about all the nutrients with which could be rewarding your body.




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