Why Is 50 Cent Throwing His Weight Behind Hillary?

50 Cent at TigerDirect

The bad boy rapper 50 Cent is throwing his weight behind Hillary Clinton at the next election according to reports. Going by his real name, Curtis James Jackson says he support Mrs Clinton and would love to see her sitting in the White House. With that in mind, I wanted to take a look at a couple of reasons that situation might benefit him.

Relaxed marijuana laws

While Hillary Clinton is far from advocating for total legalization, it is likely she will try to relax marijuana laws. Her party believes that criminalizing an entire generation for using the substance is not a good idea. Indeed, she even touched on that in a recent campaign conference.

Less desire for war

Compared to the other candidates, Mrs Clinton seems to have less desire for war. She’s been an excellent foreign negotiator for years, and she’ll likely take the diplomatic approach. Her rival, Donald Trump, has already said America is headed for war if he wins the election.

Excellent support network

While Bill Clinton might have become involved in a scandal during his career, his presidency was successful. He lifted more Americans out of poverty than anyone did in the past. He also offered a more compassionate approach to sensitive situations. Having a support network like that makes Hillary and attractive prospect.

If you’d like to learn more about musicians and which politicians they support, just browse the infographic. You might be surprised just how many celebs are throwing themselves into the mix this year.

Infographic Designed By Celebrity Speakers


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