4 Reasons Why You Should be Shopping at JCPenney

by Sarah Scoop
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You may remember a few weeks ago I teamed up with JCPenney to host an event for them focused around my tips for throwing a successful watch party.  Well, it got me thinking about what I love about JCPenney.

If there is one characteristic that is known to be true about our present day culture, it is that options are abundant. Whether considering what restaurants to eat at, which hair stylists to trust for a new look, or even who to consider dating, there is always the reassurance that there are options to choose from. However, the availability of so many choices can often make decision-making a tedious task.

This challenge is definitely present when it comes to deciding where to go shopping. To ease the difficulty of choosing a reliable place to fulfill your shopping needs, JCPenney is a worthwhile store to consider! In comparison to other department stores, JCPenney has often been undervalued and slighted with the reviews they receive. However, there are many wonderful reasons why this store is worth your time and consideration.

Here are 4 reasons why you should be shopping at JCPenney:

1) Online Shopping

JCPenney provides one of the best online shopping experiences around. Not only are you able to shop their complete in store catalog online, but they also have wonderful items for sale that you cannot find in-store. Also, they offer free standard shipping on all online orders, which means you can shop from the comfort of your home without having to worry about the extra cost of shipping. One other awesome, unique option they have is there in-store pickup. With this option, if you place your order online by 3 pm local time (assuming there is in-store availability), you can pick it up at your local JcPenney in 3-4 hours. This comes in handy when you are stuck at work and forgot you have an event to go to and have nothing to wear.

2) Exceptional Customer Service

Many people grow to dislike shopping because of having horrible customer service experiences. Rest assured that this fear is dispelled with JCPenney. As a company, JCPenney prioritizes their customers’ experience and happiness. This is exemplified well with their flexible return policy. To ensure satisfaction with their products, JCPenney accepts returns at any time with proof of receipt. If for some reason you do not have the receipt of your gift or purchase, JCPenney will still work with you to issue a return voucher. Outside of returns, JCPenney offers many customer service options to foster connection for customer concerns. This includes: meeting with a costumer service representative in-store, connecting to a chat with an agent online, calling in to a service representative, or tweeting them using their Twitter handle.

3) Prices, Sales, and Rewards

Another way that JCPenney prioritizes and enhances the customer experience is by offering competitive prices and showering their shoppers with rewards and sales. JCPennney upholds a price match policy that allows shoppers to show proof of an identical item being advertised and sold elsewhere at a lower price for a discount. For up to 14 days after purchase, if a shopper can show this discrepancy, the store will beat the competitor’s price by 5 %. Outside of this awesome pricing program, JCPenney is also generous with their coupons, often allowing shoppers to double up on a single transaction. Another way to get the most out of your shopping experience is to sign up for their rewards program, which gives customers exclusive offers and rewards, additional coupons, and even a birthday present! A great example of how their reward program works is found in their shoe department. As a JCPenney Rewards member, if you buy four pairs of shoes within a 12 month period, you will receive $15 dollar reward certificate for your next purchase.

4) Great Brands to Love

Creating an enjoyable and quick online shopping experience, prioritizing customer service, and offering great prices and sales are wonderful qualities of JCPenney that are only amplified by the wonderful brands they carry. JCPenney carries a harmonious balance of their own developed in-house brands, as well as recognized and established private brands. Some of of JCPenney’s worthwhile in-house brands to check out are Belle +Sky (trendy women’s wear), Ambrielle (women’s lingerie), and Xersion (activewear). These JCPenney brands are wonderful because they offer relevant styles and high quality at an affordable price. Besides their own brands, JCPenney also sells many in-demand private brands like Nike, Adidas, Liz Claiborne, Nicole Miller, and Levi’s. Not to mention, many JCPenney locations have a Sephora with a Beauty Studio inside. For those who do not know, the Beauty Studio is where Sephora offers free one-on-one beauty sessions with their experts.

If the weight of too many choices is feeling extra heavy these days, remember that JCPenney is a simple but smart solution for your shopping needs. As a department store selling clothing, shoes, beauty products, houseware, and so much more, you can easily find everything you need here. With all of the fantastic reasons listed above, make sure to consider JCPenney as your one-stop shopping destination!


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