4 Winter Beauty Tips- Hold on to that Summer glow!

I know only too well that freezing winds and icy temperatures coupled with over-heated homes are beginning to make an unwelcome appearance on your hard earned summer glow. To combat these signs of winter’s harsh beauty dismissal, follow the tips below to ensure your glow stays consistent throughout the festive season:

Moisturize as much as you can

It’s time to winter-proof your skin! Skin is usually stripped off its natural moisture during the winter months which causes it to become dry and tight. To fight back, firstly add a humidifier to your bedroom. This prevents the skin from over-drying in cold weather. Moving on to your daily routine such as showering- Avoid long hot showers and make sure to use soap-free cleansers which ensures your skins natural oils stay intact. Once you’ve showered, pat your skin dry rather that rubbing it which is a further cause of skin being stripped of its natural moisture. Finally, one of the most important steps which most people forget including myself- moisturize! Make sure to apply moisturizer whilst your skin is still damp to ensure maximum penetration. Usually we don’t think about these things in the moment, but it’s important to slow down and think about what is ideal for our skin!

It’s crucial to stay hydrated

Nourishing your body! Water is crucial, however many put it on the back-burner as our thirst levels decrease during the winter months. We have to keep in mind that even if you don’t feel thirsty it’s important to keep drinking water. Carry a water bottle around with you which will constantly prompt you to drink up and try to get into the habit of drinking herbal teas to add a different element to being hydrated. I honestly don’t know what I did before drinking my daily green tea! Along with water, eating the right foods can give your skin a healthy boost. A balanced diet is crucial- especially a range of vitamins such as A, C and D via abundant fruit and vegetables, which a lack off can contribute to flaky skin. Essential fatty acids are also quite literally, essential and can be found in foods such as oily fish (salmon, tuna, and sardines). Nutritionists also recommend supplements. Miranda Kerr has been known to add Chlorella (a green algae supplement) to her diet. This provides her with essential amino acids, folic acid, iron and vitamins A, B12, B6 and D. Hey, if it’s good enough for a supermodel then it’s good enough for us!

No hangovers! An alcohol detox may sound painful during the festive season, but trust me, your skin will thank you later! If you find it virtually impossible to stay away from alcohol, then limit your intake. Your skin will feel instantly hydrated and fresh.

Look after your hair

Finally, our crowning glory- our hair! A lack of moisture can cause your hair to break and tangle easily. Look for moisturizing products that aim to protect and repair your hair, such as a hair treatment which you can apply every other week. If you find yourself out and about a lot, apply serum to the end of your hair before you go out as it will protect your hair from the elements.

Picture credits- Redbook Magazine, Muspo.com, Womansworld.in


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