Workout Wednesday: Top 5 Workout Tips

Hey! I would love to share my Top 5 Workout Tips with you today!


Gym Time!

1. Working out in the morning, right when you get up is the best time for you to have that motivation! Plus it will give you maxim energy for the day! If you aren’t the morning person drinking a cup of coffee can help wake you up!

2. Water! As you know when you workout you sweat and that causes you to become dehydrated. I personally like to drink water throughout my whole workout, but some people prefer to hydrate before their workout. When working out you do need to make sure that you are hydrated before, during and after your workout. If you are dehydrated during your workout, it can cause you to not try your hardest, but can also make you dizzy and sick. About 15-20 mins before your workout drink 12 to 16 oz. of water, drink about 6 oz. of water every 8 to 10 mins, and after your workout 16 – 20 oz. as soon as possible.

3. Stretching is very important when working out! Or really when doing any physical activity! If stretching before it can cause you to not to do as well as you could, stretching after it better because your muscles are warm and it can help in your post-workout recovery. I stretch for about 15 minutes after my workout. I find it very relaxing after my workouts. Honestly it might be my favorite part! 🙂

4. Partner! If you don’y have motivation to workout, find a friend that does! It will help, especially if you prefer to run outside verses on a treadmill it will push you to run further and for longer, plus be less boring! Even at the gym workout partners are not a bad idea. If you like free weights, you have a spotter and so does she! Push each other to do the best!

5. Knowing what your body can and can’t do is important because, you do not want to hurt yourself while working out. Do not attempt something you know your body can’t do, it can end badly. Start small, then go from there to gain strength.

Also another tip and I see this all the time! LEAVE THE JEWELRY AT HOME! The only piece that is okay to wear while working out is a watch, Nike Fuel Band, or something along those same lines. NO necklaces, rings, bracelets, dangly pieces of any kind, and anything that you think could get caught in a machine! Wearing jewelry can seriously injure you and others around you. These are all workout approved because they fit tight to your wrist and these companies have designed them to be worn while working out. The Jawbone and Nike Fuel Band are bands that you wear all day doing any activity. These pieces track your calories, steps, and Nike Fuel Band is also a watch! I have the white ice Nike Fuel Band and I love it!

Here are some gym watches that are okay to wear:


Workout Watches

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