Pool Fitness Ideas

We often spend our summers eating cold treats, taking in a few sun rays and fooling around at the beach. But summer is also a time when fitness is at the forefront of our minds. We find ourselves thinking about how we’ll look in our swimsuits. What if fitness could find its way to you through your swimming pool?

Try a few of these pool exercises before the heat of summer fades:

Water Jogging:
Jogging around in your pool can be a high intensity work out if you really try. An activity like this can burn up to 16 calories per minute.

Wave Making: Holding on to the wall of the pool with your arms, extend your legs and kick, alternating each leg. You probably did this just for fun as a kid, so you know what you’re doing!

Wall Climbing: In this exercise, you’ll be holding on to the wall of the pool with both your hands and feet. The idea is to travel around the perimeter of the pool without letting your feet touch the pool floor.

Ball Runner: Run laps across the shallow end of the pool using an inflatable ball for resistance. You can hold the ball with your arms extended in front of you or you can tuck it underneath your elbow.

Toning up in the pool is a great way to enjoy the summer heat while also keeping fitness a priority.

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    • maria quenza
    • August 23, 2012

    There is nothing like a good swim. I always feel so refreshed and know I put good work in!

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