The Difference Between Quality and Quantity in Weight Training

When you start a new workout regimen, you may be tempted to jump right into it without considering some very important factors. While it’s great to be motivated to give your new routine your all, it’s essential to make sure that your workout is safe and will give you the results you’re looking for.

Take weight training for example:

Lots of folks will start weight training with gauging their natural abilities first. Weight training is a form of exercise that requires more than just strength. You’ll need to learn what your range of motion is and techniques work for you. This is where you’ll have to figure out what’s more important: quality or quantity?

In the beginning phases of a weight training program, developing an awareness of your body and its capabilities will be imperative to achieving your initial goal. At this stage you’ll have to focus on the quality of each repetition with lighter weights rather than quantity with heavier weights. With a strong focus on quality, you’ll learn how your body functions in relation to the weights or machines being used. You’ll be able find your groove and become comfortable with the routine.

Once you’ve found your stride and have gained enough experience to move on to the next phase of your weight training program, you may be able to focus more on quantity. As your body gets used to working each muscle group, you should be able to feel when you’re ready to move on to higher weights or reps.

Though weight training on your own may sound tempting, be sure to consult a professional when starting a new program to ensure that your form is correct and that you understand how to operate each machine.


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    • Jill
    • August 1, 2012

    Great tips and well written…thanks 🙂

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