Workout Wednesdays: The Six Minute Workout

Do you only have a few minutes between activities to squeeze in a workout? Try one (or more) of these:

Workout 1

  • 30 Second Warm Up
  • 40 Jumping Jacks
  • 40 Push-ups
  • 40 Crunches
  • 30 second stretch

Note: Push-Ups and crunches should be more about quality than quantity. Make them count, go at a comfortable pace and always keep your core engaged.

Workout 2

  • 30 Second Warm Up
  • 25 Jumping Jacks
  • 30 Squats
  • 25 Front Kicks (make sure you raise your knee, then extend the leg)
  • 30 sec. of Cross Body Punches
  • 25 Back Kicks
  • 30 second stretch

Note: When kicking (in any direction) make sure you bend/raise your knee first, then extend the leg outward.

Workout 3

  • 30 Second Warm Up
  • 40 Jumping Jacks
  • 40 Lunges (20 each leg)
  • 45 sec. of Cross Body Punches
  • 30 sec. of Side Kicks (alternating legs at a relatively fast pace)
  • 30 Squats
  • 20 Crunches
  • 30 second stretch

Workouts are not just about jumping around and hoping to burn calories. You should aim to ease your muscles into movement which is why warming up and cooling down are important, especially if you don’t move that often. The warm up portion of a workout should be used as time to get your blood circulating and your heart pumping in preparation for the harder, more rigorous exercises that follow. The stretching portion of a workout focuses on the muscles you’ve just used in order to relax the body and release the tension from those muscles.

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