How to Workout Your Hands and Wrists

Looking to strengthen your grip on fitness? Try some of these workouts for stronger hands and more flexible wrists:

Workout Your Hands

Hand Grippers: We’ve all seen these little gadgets and tried them out once or twice. If you’re serious about strengthening your grip, try starting with a lower resistance and build your way up as your ability increases.

Wrist Flexion/Extension: Rest your arm on a flat surface with your wrist and hand dangling off the edge. Bend your wrist down until you can feel a stretch. Then bend your wrist up for an opposite stretch. These are good exercises for those who have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

Prayer Stretch: Place your palms together. Stretch your elbows out so that your forearms are fully extended. Lower your wrists until you can feel a slight stretch. Hold this for approximately five seconds. Then return to your starting position.

Don’t forget to workout your hands and wrist.


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    It is very good to build muscle and try it. And get with the one you always wished to be.

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