XTAVA 5 in 1 Curling Iron Product Review

by Kailee Vance
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The XTAVA 5 in 1 curling iron is a curling iron that comes with 5 different detachable heads. There are three clamps and two wand-style heads. These heads are all different sizes, which makes for a different curl every time!

The different sizes of the heads make for convenience and give you so many options. I love that I can create a different hairstyle with every outfit or for any occasion. Plus, the heads are so easy to remove and put back on, making the product even more enjoyable to use.

Photo by Kailee Vance

The bag this curling iron comes in is one of the many pluses to this product. It is insulated, so it is easy to put your hot curler back in there if you are on the go. It also makes for convenience in traveling with all the curler heads. It is so easy to keep everything organized and ready to go with the packaging.

I would strongly recommend this curler to someone who loves doing their hair and having a variety of tools to choose from to achieve the goal of curls. This product really gives you that flexibility.

The curling iron retails for $44.95 on amazon, which is a great price for a hot tool.

Photo by Kailee Vance

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