YOGA Tab 3 Pro Review

I am seriously excited about this post.   I’ll admit it, I am a total techie.  I really enjoy trying out and learning about new products on the market.  I have been on the look out for the perfect go to tablet.  I am so use to lugging around my laptop with me everywhere I go and was looking for something more light weight that is still functional.  Some might think I’m crazy, but I think its essential to have desktop computer, laptop and a really quality tablet.



Well, I found it.  The YOGA Tab 3 Pro is simply amazing.  I have been playing around with it for a few weeks.  I have taken it with me when I traveled and have used it both for business and fun.  It is so nice to be able to share about a tablet I truly enjoy and use pretty much every single day.


5 Things I love about the YOGA Tab 3 Pro

1. The projector 

Yes, you read that right a projector on a tablet.  The YOGA Tab 3 Pro has a built in projector.  It is perfect for meetings on the go when you want to share a presentation or to use as the ultimate home theater.  It is the world’s first multimedia tablet that projects up to 70″ on a wall or ceiling with a unique 180° rotatable projector.


It transforms any wall or ceiling into a brilliant 70″ screen. Enjoy an immersive personal theater experience on the brilliant 10.1″ QHD display, or share with friends using ultra convenient voice controls and the integrated JBL® 4-speaker sound bar. With up to 18 hours of general use on a single charge, you can even host a movie fest!

Even, if you’re not a movie lover, this projector is perfect for presentations.  You can easily display your talking points, photos, etc. in an on the go setting and still have a formal and professional presentation to share.

2. It’s like a mini TV/Theater


I only have one television in my home so it nice that the YOGA Tab 3 Pro becomes more than just a portable tablet, but it’s also a portable viewing area for me.   It’s immersive cinema like experience is beyond anything I have used before.  The theater-like sight and sound from the 10.1″ Quad HD screen is amazing.  The YOGA Tab 3 Pro also offers smart display technology and a JBL® 4-speaker sound bar.  It has become like a movie theater in my own home.

3. The Battery Life

Battery life on technology is always one of my biggest priorities.  Above when I mentioned the tv/theater aspect this battery life benefits that aspect, too! It plays all day and night so you can binge-watch your favorite shows or movies!  I use it for more than just tv browsing though.  I serf the web like you wouldn’t believe.  Between blogging, social media posting and just googling for fun I push the tablet battery to the extreme.

The YOGA Tab 3 Pro keeps going and going with its outstanding battery life. With up to 18 hours* on one charge, it’s enough to watch two seasons of your favorite TV show back to back. In fact the battery is so powerful, it also comes with a USB ‘On the Go’ powerbank, allowing you to charge all your other devices.

4. It’s Versatile

This is seriously the best feature.  This truly a tablet that adapts to the way you want to use it!! I love the versatile stand.


You can hold it, let it stand, tilt it or even hang it.  I noticed this feature is really great for being able to do a variety of things on the tablet.  I love just holding it when I’m sitting on my couch swiping through pinterst.  But, then I can also let it stand or even hang it when I want to watch something or film a video.



The title mode is also a great option and I love using it when I’m working on my Yoga Tab 3 Pro while sitting at a desk.

5. It’s Stylish

Maybe, it’s the blogger in me, but I love stylish accessories in every aspect.  The YOGA Tab 3 Pro looks great with its comfortable faux-leather finish and durable metal chassis components.


I am seriously obsessed with the outside style.  But its durability isn’t limited to the quality of its materials – YOGA Tab 3 Pro also has splash proof IP21 certification. No need to be afraid of the water!  You’ll catch me surfing the web on this tablet this summer while laying pool side.


The YOGA Tab 3 Pro tablet is truly an amazing piece of technology. I have tried a lot of different technology pieces and I love being able to honestly say this is definitely one of my favorites.  The design, materials, and thoughtfulness behind Lenovo and their creation of the YOGA Tab 3 Pro is spectacular.  The battery life, the projector, the sleek design…I seriously love it all.  If you are looking for a tablet that does it all I highly suggest you give the YOGA Tab 3 Pro a try!

Head to the Lenovo website to learn more!

Disclosure: I received the YOGA Tab 3 Pro for review.  However, all opinions  are my own, I never guarantee a positive review. 

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    This looks really awesome! I can’t get over the projector – what a great feature!

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