Nowadays I feel like we are lacking great fashion icons. In previous years each generation had a figure to look up to as a fashion icon. Because fashion is so diverse, depending on your own personal style  your fashion icon can range from Sienna Miller to Fergie. When I look to celebs for fashion tips, I look for consistency. Just because you looked great at the Oscars does not make you fashionable. It just means that you have a great team of stylists, hair dressers and makeup artists.

One of my favorite young fashionistas is Angela Simmons.We first became familiar with Angela from the MTV reality show “Run’s House”. It was not until she branched out on her own and started to find herself that we saw Angela for the young beauty she is. Whether she is walking down the street or front at a fashion show, she always keeps it edgy and fresh.I particulary love Angela’s style because she is not afraid to take  wardrobe risks. I have nothing but respect for a girl who rocks her clothes like she owns them, not like they own her. Angela is always in the latest hottest fashions showing us that we can be trendy yet classic. Let us all take a que  from Ms.Simmons and not be afraid to let our inner fashionista out of the closet.







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