Youth in Revolt: Moonrise Kingdom

The latest film released by the celebrated indie director Wes Anderson, “Moonrise Kingdom,” is a delightful tale of a young boy and girl, Sam and Suzy, who are swept up in the consuming emotion that is first love.  Sam is lives on one side of a New England island with the Khaki Scouts and his camp counselor (Edward Norton). On the opposite side of the island is Suzy, who lives with her offbeat and mixed up parents (Bill Murray and Frances McDormand).  Sam is transfixed by her the first time they meet when he watches a play she is in.  They proceed to write letters back and forth until they decide they should run away together. The movie centers on the young lovers’ adventures while they are being tracked down by everyone, including the town’s lonely policeman (Bruce Willis) and a Social Services woman (Tilda Swinton).  At one point they find solace with the help of a power-hungry camp counselor (Jason Schwartzman).

This is definitely a fun watch.  The misfit characters are loveable and the story sweet.  The film has its touching moments as well as its comedic ones, along with the occasional unexpected plot twists.  Like most of Anderson’s films this one has its quirky, eccentric characters and tone.   As usual, the cinematography is beautiful and the film itself is aesthetically entrancing.  His whimsical sets and wardrobes are always memorable and unique as well as a source of fashion inspiration.  Margot Tenenbaum (Royal Tenenbaums), for example, with her fur coat and slick hair.  Then there’s Steve Zissou (The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou) with his iconic red beanie and blue sailor suit.  This movie is sure to become another iconic work of Anderson.  In this love-at-first-sight story set in 1965, the styles fit the time period and setting.  Shift dresses with peter pan collars, knee socks, and saddle shoes abound in Suzy’s cute sixties wardrobe.

Here is some inspiration on how to get Suzy’s look.  So, put on your Françoise Hardy record and be ready to be whisked away by the love of your life and on to your next adventure.   



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