YouTube: Lennon and Maisy Stella

‘Call Your Girlfriend’ Robyn/ Erato cover by Lennon & Maisy Stella

If you’re anything like us at Sarah Scoop, you definitely love finding new talent on YouTube. This includes dancers, beauty gurus, rappers, tutorials, and singers! So many people have made it big by uploading videos on YouTube, especially when it comes to singers.

You can’t forget that YouTube is where Justin Bieber made his big debut! If it wasn’t for this website, who knows where Bieber would currently be! Plus, YouTube also gave us the adorable Sophia Grace and Rosie from England. YouTube has been very good to us when it comes to new artists.

Recently a new YouTube duo has started up quite the buzz. Sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella have been posting covers and original songs on their YouTube channel lennonandmaisy for about two years. But their videos only recently took off. When the sisters posted a cover of “Call Your Girlfriend” by Robyn their video went viral almost over night. They posted the cover a month ago and it already has been viewed over 5.1 million times.

What’s most amazing about the Stella sisters is how young they are. Lennon is 12-years-old and Maisy is only 8-years-old, and yet their voices are phenomenal. They have such beautiful voices and harmonies and it’s hard to actually believe it’s them. But after watching every single one of their videos it’s confirmed that they really are just that good!

Trust us–if you haven’t watched Lennon and Maisy’s videos go check them out. It’s jaw-dropping how talented they are. We know that this isn’t the last we’ve heard from the two. We’ll be hearing a lot more from this dynamic duo in the months to come and we cant wait!

Fun Fact: The cover of “Call Your Girlfriend” that the sisters did was actually a cover of a cover! They watched the Swedish vocal group Erato do a very unique cover of the song using butter containers and the sisters decided to try it out themselves. Now Lennon and Maisy’s video has even more views than Erato’s video!


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    • Jessica
    • July 9, 2012

    OMG!! These girls are too cute!

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