YouTube Singer to Watch: Jillian Rachel

Here at SarahScoop, we’re suckers for really talented people. This includes singers, musicians, authors, artists, athletes and everything in-between. We’re always on the hunt for new talent to share with all of you and YouTube is the perfect place to search for that.

If you like listening to singers with really beautiful voices, you need to check out YouTuber Jillian Rachel‘s new cover of Ed Sheeran’s “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You!” A lot of singers try to cover Sheeran’s music, which makes it hard to stand out. Jillian Rachel, though, does just that. Her voice is so unique that it’s hard not to listen to this cover on repeat. Plus, the fact that she was able to tackle the super-fast singing in this song says enough; the girl has got a lot of talent.

She also did a cover of Sheeran’s “Lego House” a few months ago, which was equally as impressive. For this cover, she put her own little twist on it. We’re completely obsessed with it and can easily say we like it just as much as the original. We not-so-secretly hope that Sheeran sees her videos and requests to do a song with her. How awesome would that be?!

Jillian Rachel has many other covers on her YouTube page and we love them all. We seriously envy her voice; it’s too good! We can’t wait to see what other covers she’ll be cracking out in the future.

Make sure you follow Jillian Rachel on twitter and subscribe to her YouTube channel!

What do you think of Jillian Rachel’s music? Are there any other YouTubers that you absolutely love? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you!


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