YouTuber to Watch: JC Caylen

Courtesy of @jcccaylen on Twitter
Photo courtesy of @jccaylen on Twitter

JC Caylen. That name might not ring any bells right now, but once you learn who JC Caylen is, it’ll be pretty hard to forget him.

JC Caylen is a YouTuber who got his start in January of 2010. When he first joined the YouTube scene, he originally just posted random videos for his own entertainment. His first video featured his tipsy grandmother in a vlog, which seemed to be quite enjoyable to watch. From then on he continued to make more videos to pass the time.

“If somebody told me that I would have what I have today and they told me that back then, I would not believe them whatsoever,” JC Caylen said in a radio interview with Ricardo Ordieres, who is his best friend and another YouTuber.

Soon, JC began to make more videos on his main channel. He created skits, music videos and whatever really popped into his head. The bigger his videos got and the larger his fan base increased, the more videos he made.

One of the coolest moments of JC’s YouTube career was when Justin Bieber noticed one of the videos he made. JC and a bunch of other YouTubers decided to post their own little music video to the hit song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. The video resembled the one that Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and members of Big Time Rush posted together. The video was uploaded around ten months ago and soon after it was posted, it became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter and Justin Bieber himself saw it. Bieber quickly tweeted the video, retweeted the video and even had a conversation with Alfredo Flores about it. The video is currently at over 561,000 views and that number is growing every day.

Today, JC Caylen is part of four different channels on YouTube, each channel racking up a very large number of subscribers. His main channel is lifewithJc and features a variety of extremely well edited videos that’ll be sure to make you smile and laugh. That channel currently has over 95,000 subscribers. His second channel is jccaylen and features various vlogs. This channel has close to 50,000 subscribers. For those who don’t know, vlogs are videos of people talking about various topics or stringing you along on what they’re currently doing at that moment or day. His third channel is Our2ndLife, which is a collab channel featuring seven different YouTubers. Each week there is a theme and each YouTuber is assigned a day of the week to upload their video. JC posts videos on that channel every Thursday. This collab channel has close to 69,000 subscribers. Lastly, his fourth channel is TheseDudez, which features videos of JC and Ricardo doing challenges and fun things together. That final channel has over 35,000 subscribers.

Photo courtesy of @jccaylen on Twitter
Photo courtesy of @jccaylen on Twitter

Over the past year or so, JC has gained such a large amount of fans, subscribers and followers. He has had a variety of meet-ups that have resulted in very large numbers of fans showing up. He has even gotten kicked out of malls for the choas that came with a large group of people being in one place.

“YouTube has brought me closer to so many cool friends and so many cool people supporting me,” JC Caylen said in his radio interview, commenting on how YouTube has changed his life.

JC has over 97,000 followers on his twitter account @jccaylen and that number seems to be getting higher every hour. JC, though, doesn’t really consider himself to be “famous,” regardless of how many people say they are his fan.

“I’m just a kid with a lot of followers on twitter,” he modestly said.

Oh, JC. You are so much more than that.

Be sure to follow JC on twitter (@jccaylen), check out his various videos on all four YouTube channels and let us know what you think of him in the comments below. He’s super cute, right?!

Also let us know of any other YouTubers you love/want us to feature!


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    • Jewel
    • January 8, 2013

    I love jc so much its not even humorous. Ive been trying to get a follow forever. Hopefully one day ill make it out of south carolina over to the west coast for a meetup. Until then ill ker dreaming and aimlessly pleading for that desired follow x

    • Carlie
    • January 8, 2013

    You forgot Thesevlogz

    • py
    • January 8, 2013

    I love Jc SOOO MUCH. he follows me on twitter. I love him.

    • Sierra
    • January 8, 2013

    Great article, I enjoy watching videos on all five of his channels. I will continue to support his work and look forward to more videos in the feature. Keep up the good work!

    • jill
    • January 9, 2013

    this is awesome! 🙂 Jc is such an awesome person i hope to meet him some day!

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    it’s not JC
    it’s Jc -.-

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