10 Amazon Finds For Your Vanity

The most common place to get ready in is the bathroom, and that’s just the norm. I always leave my eyeshadow palettes scattered on the counter, lipgloss everywhere, and setting powder smeared. I know you can relate. While some of us are not familiar with the idea of having a beauty station, I’ve heard it can be a game-changer. Even though vanities are mainly used for makeup prepping and storage, they are also great for workspace. I’ve gathered a list from Amazon of vanity finds if you’re just starting out.


This is your main item. I personally like this one because of its easy accessibility, lightweight design, and drawer-less concept.

Modern Velvet Chair

Who wouldn’t love this soft, blush pink chair? It’s comfortable, padded, and perfectly stable.

Double Sided Vanity Mirror

This addition can be used as a close-up mirror for intricate work.

Makeup Brush Holder

Yes, this item is essential. Featuring 3 large compartments, this brush holder will dry your brushes evenly after cleaning.

Stylish Trash Can

A classic pink compact size trash can. Who wants to get up every 5 minutes just to throw away dirty sponges? Not me.

Mounted Corner Shelves

I think this is a pretty cool touch. You can put your fragrances, mini frame pictures, or even personal items on this shelf. It’s 5-tier so dress it up however you want.

Plastic Organizer

The perfect display for your beauty blenders, lashes and lash glue, tweezers, etc.

Tabletop Vanity Mirror

The icing on the cake! This tool completes your vanity. This mirror has 18 built-in LED bulbs with adjustable brightness.

Salon Appliance

Made up of high-grade steel, this tabletop caddy is designed to hold all of your heating tools.

Lipstick/Lipgloss Organizer

Every girl should have this! What a way to keep all your lipglosses and lipsticks organized in one place.

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