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10 Best Black Eye Contacts for Halloween

Are you looking to be the talk of the Halloween party this year? Do you want to stun your friends with a killer outfit that is sure to win every costume contest around? Look no further–we have the 10 best black eye contacts that are guaranteed to shock your peers.

Whether your Halloween costume is a demon from Supernatural or Dark Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, these black lenses will cover your natural eye color so completely that friends and family will mistake you for the real character!

If you’re worried about an eye infection (we’ve been there–low-quality contact lenses are invitations for painful bacterial infections and permanent eye damage!), rest assured that each of these lenses is absolutely safe with proper wear.

As long as you aren’t shoving the contacts in with germy, glass-filled hands, you should be good to go! However, if you have pre-existing conditions that require extra eye care, make sure to check with your eye doctor before purchasing.

Another beneficial step to take in purchasing decorative lenses is to get an eye exam done by a practicing ophthalmologist that will measure your pupil shape. That way, you can be sure that your contacts are the right size for your eyes!

Keep in mind that none of these lenses are replacements for corrective contact lenses. They cannot offer vision correction as prescription lenses can. The only additive they offer is adjusting your eye’s color. However, under federal law, most colored contact lenses are considered medical devices that require a doctor’s prescription.

If a retailer doesn’t ask for your prescription, consider that a red flag–illegal sale of contact lenses is a common offense! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention require retailers to sell contact lenses with a prescription.

Here is the scoop on the 10 best black eye contacts for Halloween!

1. SpookyEyes Blackout Contact Lenses

To nail the Supernatural demon look, blackout demon eyes are a necessity. The SpookyEyes Blackout Contact Lenses are known for being the safest pair of lenses that will not only keep your eyes protected from infections like corneal ulcers, but also will secure you the perfect scary look!

These blackout contact lenses will not impair your vision, thanks to the transparent center that allows the wearer to see through it. Plus, this company is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is one step ahead of most online retailers! The good news just keeps on coming!

2. Black Sclera 22mm Contact Lenses

Want another spooky look that involves sclera contacts? Try the Black Sclera 22mm Contact Lenses. With these all-black lenses, your brown eyes will be brown no longer!

The Black Sclera 22mm Contact Lenses are the perfect cosplay contacts for your next Halloween outfit. They are easy to see through, breathable, and FDA approved! Nail that zombie look with these dependable lenses.

3. Crazy Lenses Mini Sclera Black Contact Lenses

If you’re looking for black eye contacts that are shaped like circle lenses, then the Crazy Lenses Mini Sclera Black Contact Lenses are for you! These mini sclera lenses completely block out your regular human eyes to secure that eerie, creepy look quintessential for Halloween. Plus, their content is 38% water, ensuring that your eyes will stay hydrated throughout the night!

These Halloween contact lenses are made and federally approved in the UK, deeming them safe for use! No corneal abrasions here, thank you very much!

4. Coloured Contacts Black Mini Sclera Halloween Colored Contact Lenses

With more pupil coverage than the average pair of lenses, these Coloured Contacts Black Mini Sclera Contact Lenses are perfect for those seeking a ‘big-eyed’ look. If you need single-use contacts to last you through a cosplay event or themed Halloween party, experiment with Coloured Contacts!

Picture of Coloured Contacts Black Mini Sclera Halloween Colored Contact Lenses
Coloured Contacts Black Mini Sclera Contact Lenses

Also, these decorative contact lenses offer an ideal balance between softness and durability, ensuring comfort and hydration during wear. With this product, less oxygen and a subsequent eye infection that results from low-quality lenses will be the least of your worries! However, these contacts do cause slight vision impairment, so be sure to put them in after driving.

5. Twinklens All Black Sclera Eyes

The Twinklens All Black Sclera Eyes are reputable costume contacts that cover your full eye with a chilling black screen. Despite the wide coverage, these lenses are moist, breathable, and protective, ensuring that your eyes are safe from dryness and from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

You can purchase sclera lenses in black and Plus, these Twinklens lenses have a try-on guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your first pair, the company pays you back for your purchase–no questions asked! However, since Twinklens is a UK-based company, a shipping order to the United States may take a bit more time than expected.

6. Uniieye Black Sclera Contact Lenses

Looking for a pair of black contacts with a shorter shipping time? Fret not–the Uniieye Black Sclera Contact Lenses are the solution for you. These contacts ship in just 2-5 business days (may be subject to change due to COVID restrictions and location)! These contacts defy all special effects by covering your eyes so thoroughly that your friends will think they’re real!

The Uniieye Black Sclera Contact Lenses are perfect for your next scary Halloween look. Whether it’s your favorite sci-fi character, your favorite villain, or your favorite horror-movie demon, you will nail it with these blackout lenses. However, keep in mind that they are vision-impairing!

Uniieye also sells various types of such lenses in a wide assortment of colors. For instance, they sell white contacts for those looking to dress up as a character with white eyes! White contact lenses are harder to find than black, so go jump on this opportunity!

7. FreshGo Blind Black Halloween Contacts

If you’re shopping for your next fancy dress costume on a budget, then the FreshGo Blind Black Halloween Contacts are for you! And with a water content of 40%, you can be sure that these lenses will keep your pupils nice and hydrated while you party through the night–or through the day! FreshGo contacts have considerable UV protection, so your eyes will be safe no matter the time!

Considering that these are blackout contacts, they will impair your vision. However, for lenses that will give you high-quality film character effects, the look is worth the impairment.

8. Funky Lenses’ Black Contact Lenses

Upcoming costume party competition, get ready–the Funky Lenses’ Black Contact Lenses are not here to mess around. These contacts are perfect for your next spooky special occasion because they are comfortable, breathable, and light–not to mention, they obscure your natural eye color with incredible accuracy! At 3 pairs for $45, these costume contact lenses are an absolute steal!

These contacts aren’t just any flea market, beauty supply store, or cheap Halloween store knock-offs! They are high quality, and the redeeming reputation of this novelty store reflects that. If you’re looking to secure dependable and safe dark eyes for upcoming costume parties, then choose Funky Lenses’ Black Contact Lenses!

9. Wickedeyez Black Sclera Large Diameter Lenses

Can’t get enough of the black sclera lenses? Try the Wickedeyez Black Sclera Large Diameter Lenses. Although these contacts are one of the more pricey options on this list, they certainly will give you the macabre black eyes you have always been dying for.

These lenses can be used for up to three months on a daily basis, meaning, if you fall in love with them, you can wear them for weeks on end! Who ever said that costume parties couldn’t last forever?

One of the best ways to ensure you have the best look at the party is to embrace variety. Wickedeyez carries a surplus of contacts with cool, creepy designs (even including zombie eye contacts!) that will transform the look of your eyes from normal to absolutely spooky!

10. Mocoqueen Mini Sclera 17mm Contacts

The Mocoqueen Mini Sclera 17mm Contacts are perfect for those who want lenses that don’t quite cover their sclera but also are larger than their pupils. With just a few extra millimeters of black, these contacts will have your friends convinced you’ve been possessed by evil spirits!

These lenses are also perfect for costumes portraying cartoon characters (like Mickey Mouse!) or for cat costumes that require the classic cat eyes! This versatility is one of the many positive features of the MocoQueen Mini Sclera 17mm Contacts.

Plus, if you’re new to applying contact lenses, your purchase will come with a MocoQueen logo case, apply tools, and a detailed tutorial! Free shipping in the U.S. is also provided.

Take Your Eye Health Seriously!

All in all, finding a dependable pair of colored contacts is much more complex than it seems! When searching for your next pair, the best thing to do first is to heed our aforementioned advice and consult with your ophthalmologist.

Purchasing contacts that haven’t been approved by an ophthalmologist (or don’t abide by FDA regulations) could result in damage so serious that they require a corneal transplant.

Thomas Steinemann, a professor of ophthalmology at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, announced after conducting several comprehensive studies that store-bought contacts increase risk of infection, scratches, and allergic reactions.

In order to avoid these consequences, Dr. Steinemann recommends talking to your local licensed eye care professional, ensuring you purchase the correct size of lenses for your pupils, and only wearing them for 4-6 hours at a time.

Find reliable retailers to acquire your contacts (that means no flea markets or beauty salons!). If you’re experiencing pain or irritation, seek medical attention immediately.

Don’t sacrifice your eyes for popular styles. Eye health should be your top priority! Follow this advice and your eyes will thank you.

We hope you enjoyed the 10 Best Black Eye Contacts for Halloween. For more scoop on related topics, check out the articles below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.