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10 Best Food-Themed Hallmark Movies

You can always rely on the Hallmark Channel when you want a dose of romance. However, Hallmark is also known for sharing delicious recipes.

What’s even better is when they combine food with a love story. Here are our picks for the ten best food-themed Hallmark movies. Each of them involves baking, cooking, or wine, and of course, a great romance. Watch the video below:

1. Recipe for Love

This movie is about two people with different cooking styles, but find themselves to be a perfect match. Danielle Panabaker plays Lauren, who dreams of going to culinary school in Paris once she gets enough money to go. Her boss offers her a job ghostwriting a book for a celebrity chef, Dexter. The two butt-heads, but they grow closer through baking bread and working on the cookbook together.

2. A Taste of Romance

Do you like a movie where people have dueling businesses but fall in love? If so, this Hallmark film is perfect for you. Sara is a French chef who’s struggling to bring people into her restaurant. The task becomes more difficult when a former firefighter named Gill opens up “The Fire Alarm Grill” right next door. As Gill’s daughter Hannah gets cooking tips from Sara, Sara and Gill find it harder to deny the chemistry they have.

3. Paris, Wine, and Romance

This movie is great for wine lovers or anyone with wanderlust. Isabella, who owns an Oregon winery, goes to a competition in France to help make her wine world-renowned. There, she meets Jacques, one of her competitors. However, there’s no animosity between these two. Jacques helps her navigate the wine business there and also takes her around the city. Plus, they have a delicious-looking picnic that makes our mouths water.

4. A Gingerbread Romance

Everyone’s heard of making gingerbread houses during Christmas time. However, this Hallmark movie takes the holiday tradition to the next level. Architect Taylor has to partake in a life-size gingerbread making contest for her firm. She ends up rallying a local baker who’s also a single dad to be her partner. Through baking, decorating, and teaming up with Adam, Taylor starts to feel like she’s finally found a home.

5. Love on the Menu

A chef in order to save his restaurant enters into a deal with a frozen food executive. While they disagree on what qualifies as a quality meal, the two make a great team and help turn his business around. Watching them be silly in the kitchen together and help the other succeed makes this an adorable and heartfelt movie.

6. You’re Bacon Me Crazy

Have you ever been to Portland and enjoyed the food trucks in the city? If not, this movie helps you live out that fantasy. Cleo is an aspiring chef known for her sandwiches. Gabe, a chef who grew up in Portland, comes back home with his bacon-themed food truck. The two enter a food truck competition, but all Gabe wants to do is win Cleo’s heart and help her get her dream restaurant.

7. Love, Romance, and Chocolate

Belgium is known for its chocolate, but this movie shows how it can also be a great place to find love. Emma goes to Belgium and meets a chocolatier who’s competing to make that most romantic chocolate for a royal wedding. A budding romance starts when she helps him with her skills in the kitchen. If you love ogling at chocolate and travel, this movie is for you!

8. Just Desserts

A dessert chef and a baker are complete opposites. However, they decide to enter the “Golden Whisk” competition as partners. As they bake scrumptious looking desserts, they find that the connection between them is sweeter than they realized.

9. Cooking with Love

You may have seen Brett Dalton as Ward on Agents of Shield, but this time, he plays a hot-headed chef Stephen in the Hallmark movie Cooking with Love. Kelly, a producer of a children’s cooking show competition, hires Stephen as a replacement. While these two have their differences, they put on a great cooking show while falling in love in the process.  

There are many cookies in the movie A Cookie Cutter Christmas that will inspire you to make some of your own during the holidays. Christie and Pennie are two arch-nemesis that work at the same school, who enter a Christmas cookie bake-off. Christie, unfortunately, is terrible in the kitchen but gets help from a student’s father, James, to come up with a good recipe.

These Hallmark movies manage to touch my heart and make me hungry. What are your favorite Hallmark movies that involve cooking or baking? Tell us in the comments!

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