10 Best Places To Meet Guys


One of the finest luxuries of being young is having an “all-you-can-eat buffet” of potential partners around you. You may not have known it then, but your love life, similar to many of those around you, probably started in one of the most successful and efficient matchmaking centers in the world– your school! Monday to Friday, seven hours a day, you were running into handsome devils left and right. Forget trying to make time to meet a potential date, you were busy trying to fit them all into your schedule.

The sad truth of reality however, is that as fast as that phase of your life begins, it ends even quicker. Middle school, high school, and college go by before you know it, and if you haven’t found yourself a significant other by now, your chances of finding “The One” probably seem more grim and impossible than ever.

Chances are that it’s not because you don’t want to, or that you’re not trying hard enough. The problem is that like most women, you probably don’t know where to go. Or if you do know, you’re not going to the place that’s right for you.

Meeting and finding yourself a date is one thing, but finding someone you could envision being in a long-term relationship with is something entirely different. Many women make the mistake of thinking these two things are one in the same, but that’s not the case at all. They forget that even the place they bump into their date, makes a statement about the kind of person their date is.

For instance, a guy you met at a bookstore is most likely driven by his intellect, the guy you met at the gym will likely place importance on an image, and the guy from the nightclub is probably going to be pretty sociable.

Because it’s easy to forget about the importance of where you meet your date, it’s also easy to find yourself disappointed that the date with the bookstore guy was only full of topical debates, the guy from the gym cared more about your appearance than your personality, or that the date with the guy from the nightclub quickly turned into a reunion when he recognized old friends at the restaurant.

Of course, this may not always happen, but it’s certainly common enough to deter women away from trying again or going out to meet someone new. Life gets busy after school, and people get caught up in their normal everyday routines. Finding a date, and more importantly, a date that’s right for you requires knowing where to begin and where to go. Just because you’re not bumping into potential partners every minute of every day, doesn’t mean you’re bound to live the rest of your life as the “cat lady”.

Who said that women can’t go on the prowl? Check out these places to meet eligible bachelors and go hunting for a man that’s right for you!

1) A Game: Need I explain this? No one buys tickets and attends an event for a sport they don’t know anything about. If you’re a girl that knows the Packers from the Vikings, then you’ll probably gel with a guy that knows the same! Throw on your favorite team’s jersey and hit the field, court or rink to meet your potential Mr. Right.

2) A Coffee Shop: Granted you stay there long enough, this place is great way to meet guys around your neighborhood. Chances are that you have more than a few things in common if you both decided to live in the same area, possibly order the same drink, and chose the same shop to go to for a morning boost.

3) Public Transportation: If you’re into taking the bus or train because you’re conscious about the environment, chances are that the cutie behind you feels the exact same way! Chat him up the next time you see him on the route home.

4) At Work: I’ll admit that an office romance is a bit more controversial than others, but a majority of people try to aim for a career that best suits them and their personality. If you’re a teacher and you love kids and sharing knowledge with others, then it’s likely that a certain co-worker feels the same while teaching his classroom.

5) Volunteering: If you’ve gone and tried over and over to find yourself a guy that is caring and thoughtful, but you just can’t seem to find him, try to meet guys where you volunteer! There’s nothing to reap from volunteering other than feeling good about making others feel good. Trust that any guy who goes to a local food shelter, hospital or charity event, giving up his personal time, is a guy worth giving a chance.

6) Optional Classes/Seminars: Are you interested in learning about photography? Cooking? Dance? If so, then OBVIOUSLY, so are the classmates you’re with! Make your time here twice as effective by getting to know a good looking fella.

7) Grocery Store: Take a look around while you’re waiting in line to purchase items or simply roaming the aisles. If someone catches your eye, then you know it’s fate! (Just kidding, but it’s worth a shot). Bonus: if you’re at an organic market, he’s probably just as motivated as you are to live a healthy lifestyle!

8) Your Place of Worship: Are you religious? What are your morals like? What do you believe in? These questions, along with many others, can easily get answered about a guy you meet at your place of worship. If religion and faith are a big part of your life, you would be most content in a relationship with someone who values them just as much.

9) Parties. Whether it’s with friends or co-workers, parties are a great place to meet guys. Plus, chances are you’ll be introduced to a new man by a mutual friend. Use that to your advantage and ask your friend if they think the hottie you’ve been eyeing is someone you’d get along well with.

10) Parks: The great thing about parks is that there are almost always TONS of different activities going on. On a nice & sunny day, you’ll easily find a variety of guys there. Besides knowing they love to spend time outside, you’ll be able to judge if they’re someone you could see yourself being compatible with. Are they listening to some tunes? Reading a book? Going on a run? Try spotting someone with similar tastes/preferences as you for a potentially great future date!

We hope you enjoyed these fun places and ideas to meet guys!! If you’re single, just remember sometimes you’ve got to stop looking and just live your life! Your happy ever after will find his way to you! 

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