10 Best Running Jokes on New Girl


New Girl is an adorkable show about a girl who lives in a loft with three guys. It’s filled with hilarious shenanigans and schemes. Here are our picks for the 10 best running jokes on New Girl.

1. Douche Bag Jar

Whenever Schmidt acts like a jerk, he has to put money in the douche bag jar. This joke pops up throughout the series. Schmidt has to put cash in for saying things like “LLS, lady’s love Schmidt” and “I can’t find my driving moccasins anywhere!”

2. Nick’s Sweaty Back

Every time Nick lies, he gets really sweaty. For example, he sweats when a woman comes to do a background check on Winston. Nick starts confessing many truths to hide a lie while sweating, like how he put a lemon in his mom’s mouth while she was sleeping. His sweaty back is also used more sweetly when he proposes to Jess. We love Nick, so it’s no wonder there’s a whole side of TikTok dedicated to him.

3. Prank Sinatra

Winston calls himself “Prank Sinatra,” but the joke is that he’s actually terrible at pranks. He either goes too big or too small. His pranks range from getting Jess and Nick to move out of the loft and putting a blueberry in Schmidt’s food. Overall, we think it’s hysterical how Winston doesn’t seem to know what a prank actually is.

4. Tran

Tran is Nick’s wise but silent friend. Nick goes to him multiple times throughout the show for advice, which often leads to many humorous interactions. There’s even a scene where Tran is holding Nick like a baby as they swim in a pool.

5. Schmidt’s Word Pronunciations

Schmidt is known for the interesting way he pronounces words. Words and the strange pronunciation he uses include chut-an-ey (chutney), Nee-yuck (Nick), cup-ons (coupons), and Jay Cutt-a-ler (Jay Cutler). Each episode seems to have a quotable Schmidt line because of his pronunciations alone.

6. Julius Pepperwood

Julius Pepperwood is a fictional character created by Nick Miller. He embodies him in the episode “Pepperwood,” which we think is one of the Top Five Funniest New Girl Episodes. Julius Pepperwood also becomes the protagonist in Nick’s successful young adult book series. We wish we could read Nick’s book about zombies!

7. Jess’s Singing 

“Who’s that girl? It’s Jess!” Jess sings jingles like this throughout the show. She hums under her breath or comes up with songs that match what she’s doing. This is partly because of Zooey Deschanel’s wonderful voice. But, it also helps make Jess a more loveable character.

8. Winston’s Color Blindness

Winston likes to do puzzles, but he is terrible at them. We understand why when discovers he’s color blind because he thinks money is brown. This pops up again in the last season, where he wears color correcting lenses and is horrified by his wardrobe choices.

9. True American

True American is one of the most iconic things to come from New Girl. The gang plays a drinking game, where the floor is lava, and it involves shouting JFK and FDR. The rules are confusing, which adds to the hilarity. Fans love True American so much that they’ve come up with a list of rules so anyone can play.

10. Cece and Winston Mess Arounds

In the later seasons, Cece and Winston become close friends, and do “mess arounds.” They create an EDM song, flip mattresses, and cover a hole they made on the loft floor. While Jess and Cece may be best friends, we love seeing Cece and Winston’s mischievous schemes.

What’s your favorite running joke on New Girl? Tell us in the comments! Also, check out 5 Reasons To Binge New Girl Now.

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