10 Best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet [2023]

When being involved in a fun yet highly competitive sport such as snowboarding, choosing the best snowboard boots for your feet specifically can be hard if you notice that your foot is more wide than others. Not fitting into a pair of shoes because they are too narrow is frustrating enough, but not having a pair of shoes that fit you just right for your sport is even worse. Luckily, we are here to help you find the best snowboard boots for wide feet!

Whether you are a beginner or an expert of snowboarding, being comfortable is a huge factor of what makes you enjoy this activity. Coming from someone with wider feet than my whole family, take it from me. It is frustrating having to find shoes that accomodate to my type of feet. I know that personally if I was wearing a pair of snowboarding boots that were too small and too narrow, I would not last more than 30 minutes.

Having the right pair of shoes to wear for any sport will decrease risk of injury and pain especially in your feet. It is more likely for you to get hurt when wearing shoes that don’t support your needs! Finding the right pair of snowboard boots to fit wide feet is super important but this process should be easy if you choose from this list of the top 10 best snowboard boots for wide feet!

Here is the scoop on the best snowboard boots for wide feet!

1. Burton Ruler

If you are in need of new boots for the snowboarding season, you are in luck. First up on this list of the best snowboard boots for wide feet are the Burton Ruler boots. There are many great things to say about these shoes.

Unlike the traditional lacing system most others have, the Burton Ruler wide boots offer an alternate lacing type called the speed lace. You won’t have to worry about wasting any time when lacing up these highly durable and comfortable Burton Ruler snow boots.

The Burton brand is a great choice to help keep you stay warm because many styles of snow boots from here offer a heat-moldable liner, or the option to get one inserted. Being heat moldable is an appreciated feature of many snowboarding boots since your feet will tend to get cold in the snow.

2. Burton Limelight

The Burton Limelight snowboard shoes are a comfortable fit for someone who has wide feet. There are many options for every foot size. Last year this was a top pick and it is no doubt that you will be seeing these boots on everyone this year, when snowboarding.

The speed zone, which is a part of the lacing of these boots are outstanding on this pair of snowboarding shoes. The speed zone feature is adjustable to your style and preferred speed of snowboarding, making it comfortable for anyone to wear and easily adjust to their liking.

If you are someone who has a hard time staying outside in the cold for long, this pair of shoes is worth buying. There are inserted insulated liners that are guaranteed to keep you warm and keep the cold weather off of your mind.

3. YVES Salomon X Moon Boot

Next up, made out of textile fibers we have the YVES Salomon X Moon Boot snowboarding boots.

These boots are definitely on the pricey side but are 100% worth it. Spending money on a high quality pair of boots to snowboard in is important because they will get you years of wear, and a stylish, good pair of boots.

Additionally, the soft leather and shearing which is lined internally with goat hair make for total comfort construction, guaranteed.

If you are looking for a wide version of this comfortable boot, I would recommend the Salomon Hi-Fi Wide. Specifically the synapse wide boots from the Salomon brand are great for snowboarding.

4. Burton Ruler Boa

The Burton Ruler Boa boots are a softer option and an excellent choice of comfortable snowboard boots. The burton ruler wide boots are a must.

What makes these so comfortable is the b3 gel cushioning on the inside that is great to keep your feet warm when snowboarding. Body heat is important to be able to feel when you are outside and in low degree weather conditions. So, having this great boot is a great choice to keep yourself constantly feeling your own warmth.

Another cool thing about these burton ruler boots are the removable liners. Providing heel and ankle support as well as being made out of a warm and fuzzy material, these liners are top notch. The liners added to the inner lace lock make for a comfortable snug fit on your feet. The tightness of these shoes also provides strength and support to your lower leg.

5. Burton Rital LTD Boa

If direct energy transfer is something you need in your snowboarding boots, the Burton Ritual LTD Boa boots offer griplite backstay that makes it so you will never slip or fall out of the shoes. Having to readjust and move your feet around in a pair of unreliable boots when snowboarding sounds like a nightmare. But with this pair being high on the list of the best snowboard boots, you will have nothing to worry about.

Ensured maximum comfort is another thing that these snowboarding boots provide. Feeling like they are already broken in and being able to keep your feet dry from the snow are both common feedback from mountain riders who own these. The eva foam that the Burton brand provides in their shoes help improve comfort and allows your foot to stay in a relaxed position.

Another great choice not listed here but also from the Burton brand are the salomon synapse boots. These are made specifically for wide feet and like the Burton Ritual LTD Boa’s, these salomon synapse burton boots also do a great job keeping out the cold from your feet.

6. Vans Hi- Standard OG

A good choice of snowboard boots for wide feet and many days of riding, similar to the k2 maysis boots are the Vans Hi-Standard OG boots.

Coming in many different sizes, these boots will last anyone for long days of snowboarding. Also, if there are specific socks you prefer to wear when snowboarding, there is plenty of extra room in the toe box!

This is the right boot for you if you are someone who appreciates your shoes having a firm grip. Fun fact- common snowboard boot brands usually consist of Burtons and Ride Hera, however the Vans brand offers many high performance options as well!

7. Rome Snowboards Inferno

If you are in search of the best wide snowboard boots, consider the Rome Snowboards Inferno pair. These boots also include the boa lacing system. The double boa make it so that your shoes are tight but still comfortable.

Advanced riders will tell you that tightness is an important factor to make sure of on all of your snowboard gear. The tight fit of these boots make for great response when snowboarding without the appearance of a chunky boot look.

Many snowboarding boots are made with a reflective foil at the bottom of the boot that reflects heat towards you. They use this to keep your feet warm but with these shoes, the foil isn’t necessary. The Rome Snowboards Inferno boots are already super toasty.

8. DC Scout Boa

If you are someone with a wide foot and a personal preference of a softer flex pair of snowboard boots, the DC Scout Boa boots are the best choice.

Coming in various styles, having wider feet is no problem to worry about. You will be able to find the right size of these boots for you and trust me it is worth the search. These Boa shoes have great fit for anyone and perform well for every riding style. Similar to the salomon dialogue boots, they are designed for wide feet.

Heel lift is not possible with these shoes, the Boa locks your heels in and makes it impossible to feel discomfort. Stiff flex is another thing that is important to think about when looking to buy a new pair of boots for snowboarding. These shoes have a more soft forward flex and soft flex tongues that work perfectly for extra wide feet.

9. DC Mutiny Lace

I’d say that another great option of shoes for wide feet and preferred impact absorption are the DC Mutiny Lace’s because DC boots are very reliable. The brand DC definitely has some of the best boots for snowboarding.

These boots have traditional laces, great rubber soles made specifically for contact protection and expect good fit for anyone. A good idea to make your shoes have the perfect fit would be finding a pair of boots that have medium flex rating, such as these boots from the DC brand.

No matter what shoe size you are, if your left foot needs more cushion than your right, or if you have narrow feet, there is a pair of reliable snowboard shoes out there for you. The DC Mutiny Lace boots have a wider fit for such a stiff boot.

10. DC Phase Lace

Lastly are the flex rating, ride style DC Phase Lace boots which are perfect for snowboarding.

If you have wider feet and are looking for the best snowboard boots for wide feet, you are in luck with this last pair on the list. The wide model makes it easier to fit into if you have an alternative boot size.

These boots have great heel hold and heel lift that prevent pain in your heels when riding. The right fit for you should be a boot fit that are made perfectly for snowboarders. Boots that are made for sports such as snowboarding are usually created in hopes that highly successful athletes will purchase and use them. The DC Phase Lace boots have been reviewed by numerous mountain riders who agree that these shoes work great for both beginners and advanced riders.

Provided here is a great list of the top 10 Best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet! Snowboarding is a unique and fun sport that many participate in, but a key part of enjoying this experience is being comfortable and liking your snow boots! Luckily there are many brands out there for people who have wide feet, narrow feet or any type of accommodation needed.

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