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10 Birthday Gifts Under $15 to Get for Your Best Friend

Birthdays are a good time to show your friend how much you care about them. If your pockets are a little tight right now, we understand. You can still get your friend the perfect gift!

Here are ten birthday gifts for your friend under $15:

1. “The Office” Downsizing Board Game

Image Credit: Target

Your friend who loves “The Office” will enjoy this board game themed after the show. They can roleplay as their favorite character as they try to stop the Scranton branch from closing. Hopefully, your friend will be as thankful as Pam was for her Dundie award. The game is only $7.99 at Target!

2. Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy: A Journal

Image Credit: Target

Fill your friend with joy by giving them this Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy journal. The journal will guide your friend to look for the good in each day by following fun prompts and exercises. Get this gift for $11.47 at Target.

3. Hidden Message Bracelet

Image Credit: Amazon

Want a classic best friend gift? Look no further than these best friend bracelets. The quote inside the band makes it clear that you’ll be their friend for infinity. You can get one for $12.99 on Amazon.

4. Burt’s Bees Essential Gift Set

Image Credit: Amazon

Treat your friend by giving them this essential Burt’s Bees kit. It includes deep cleansing cream, hand salve, body lotion, foot cream, and lip balm. You can get all of this for your friend for $9.99 on Amazon.

5. Vintage Hydroponic Plant Vases

Image Credit: Walmart

Does your friend have a green thumb? If so, then they’d love these vintage plant vases. They’re beautiful and perfect to show off their flowers or plants. The price of the vases ranges from $9.99-$11.99 at Walmart.

6. COCO VENUS Eyeshadow Palette

Image Credit: Amazon

This eyeshadow palette is the perfect gift for your friend who’s been longing for new makeup. The palette also has a variety of colors, and it’s well pigmented. It’s $11.56 on Amazon.

7. Scented Candle 

Image Credit: Amazon

Candles are a great gift if your friend needs to relax. This aromatherapy candle smells like jasmine, peonies, and cherry blossoms. Get this candle for $11.99 on Amazon.

8. Pineapple Reusable Face Mask

Image Credit: Walmart

Give a gift that will protect your friend and others by buying a face mask. This pineapple themed one is sure to bring a smile to their face, even if you can’t see it behind the mask.

9. White Ceramic Coffee or Tea Mugs

Image Credit: Amazon

Your coffee or tea-loving friends always need more mugs. This ceramic mug is excellent quality and is only $14.99. Their morning will start right by drinking out of this mug!

10. Himalayan Natural Glow Pink Salt Lamp

Image Credit: Walmart

Bring some light into your friend’s life with this Himalayan salt lamp. The lamp creates a tranquil environment with its soft glow. It’s also proven to decrease anxiety. Get it for your friend for $13.46 at Walmart.

Check out these affordable gifts if you want your friend to have the birthday they deserve!

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