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10 Closet Basics Every Girl Needs

Being a woman has never been an easy feat. You’re expected to show up to every situation dressed to impress, and in a completely unique outfit to wow the crowd. But with limited budgets and even less time, it’s up to us to get creative.

Which is why today we’re talking all about the 10 Closet Basics Every Girl Needs (minus shoes) in order to look runway ready without a brand new wardrobe.

1. Little Black Dress

We’ll start with a classic. You need to always have a simple black dress on hand for formal events. The length is totally up to whatever makes you comfortable, but make sure your dress is able to work for more and less dressy occasions. This way whether you have a last minute engagement party, first date, or dinner with your boss, you’re ready to go with very little work. Feel free to add some flair with a fun pair of shoes, bag, or hair clip, or keep it understated with a pair of diamond studs and your favorite classic pumps.

2. Your Favorite Jeans

We all need something that makes us feel comfortable, and a good pair of jeans can do exactly that. Finding the right fit can be difficult, but the success is more than worth the effort. The right pair of jeans can last a long time and make you feel confident- which is a double win! Make sure you take the time to find the pair that not only make you feel comfortable on the outside, but the inside as well. Durability can last a lifetime, but the gift of confidence is the secret to success.

3. Black Trousers

Because unfortunately, we can’t wear our jeans to every event in life. This is where a solid pair of work trousers comes in handy. These are the pants that save the day for professional events or just those times when you don’t feel like wearing a dress or skirt. Something simple, classy, respectable, and gets the job done. Nailed it!

*Hot tip! The key to success to keep your basics in neutral tones that way you can mix and match with colorful and printed accessories down the line. A new pair of earrings is ten times easier to find and replace than a staple like jeans, so keep the basics simple and jazz it up with the smaller pieces!

4. Power Blazer

When the pants aren’t enough on their own, it’s time for your Serious Outfit. And that means showing off your best blazer. To display your most professional, the right jacket can make an impact. This will make you look more put together, focused, and show that you’re ready for anything life may throw at you.

5. Cute Skirt

Because sometimes a dress is too much, but pants just aren’t doing it for you. A cute skirt is the way to go for brunches, visits with grandma, Sunday church, or even date night. And remember that confidence is the cutest accessory you can don. So go with whatever length makes you comfy and secure!

6. Classic Cami

This one can make all the difference, and you might not even realize! Favorite top showing a little too much cleavage? No problem, just add the cami underneath and you’re good to go. Unsure of what to wear to your job interview? Toss on a blazer over top of a dressier tank and you’re set for success. The beauty of a cami is the ability to do the uncredited work. That’s what makes it a necessity in your arsenal of closet basics.

7. Cute Blouse

Because you can’t wear that cute skirt or the perfect pants alone. The right blouse has magic powers- you can dress it up or down. Wear it with the skirt and head out to your BFF’s wedding, or toss on your fave jeans and catch a movie with your little sis. Whether you’re wearing cowboy boots or stilettos, a simple blouse can change the game. It’s all about what you do with it.

8. Comfy Sweater

Even if you live in a warmer area, fall is the time for sweaters and comfort. Wear it to the movies with your significant other or snuggle up on the couch with your favorite Netflix show and a mug of cocoa. Whether you’re going to Thanksgiving dinner or just another day at the office, the comfy sweater is a must.

9. Yoga Pants

Because even the best pair of jeans can’t be worn 24 hours a day. Yoga pants are the perfect mix between stay-at-home comfort and acceptable for going out in public. A quick trip to the market, picking your kids up from school, or even just going to the mall, these days a pair of comfy yoga pants won’t get you a second stare. Which is why they’re a MUST in the closet basics.

10. Epic Jacket

Not to be confused with the blazer, your jacket is a less dressy way to stay chic and warm. This is the item you can’t necessarily wear to the job interview, but will totally turns heads at GNO. The right jacket can be worn with almost any of the previous items listed- dress it up or down. Just remember to stay neutral!

And there you have it! Ten totally amazing closet basics you can’t skip. Now go, mix and match to your heart’s desire! And don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments!

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