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10 Cute Christmas Tree Treats


With the holidays almost upon it, it’s time to  start thinking Christmas! Here’s 10 cute Christmas tree treats you need for the holidays to snack on and enjoy decorating with.

Christmas Tree Toppers

You can try this with this recipe here!

Christmas Tree Cake Pops

Try this amazing treat here!

Cookie Christmas Trees

Nothing can go wrong with some favorite cookies of yours. Try the recipe here!

Christmas Tree Brownies

Love brownies? Here’s a recipe for you!

Rice Krispies Christmas Trees

If rice kripsies are your fave, try this recipe here!

Peanut Butter Christmas Trees

If you’re not allergic to peanut, try this recipe here!

Strawberry Christmas Tree Brownie Bites

Want a quick bite with strawberry? Here’s the recipe.

Christmas Tree Shortbread Cookies

Christmas Tree Shortbread Cookies from justataste.com #recipe

More of a cookie person? Here’s the recipe!

Gingerbread Christmas Tree

Here’s a recipe for gingerbread lovers!

Tree-Shaped Brownie Tort

Tree-Shaped Brownie Torte

If you really love decorating food, this one is for you!

Hope you all have a good holidays and enjoy all these yummy treats! Or put them on display for your relatives to praise your cooking skills! Enjoy!

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