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10 Delicious Cucumber Canning Recipes

Make your own fresh pickles from your favorite cucumbers! These 10 simple and easy pickle recipes make for a delicious snack or garnish for any sandwich or hot dogs.

Cucumbers are one of the best vegetables to can because they make for delicious pickles you can keep and add to just about anything.

If you’re a pickle lover and it’s your first time pickling cucumbers make sure to follow all the tips and tricks to not get mushy pickles.

Making refrigerator pickles are easy, convenient, and you can make as many batches as you want! All the cucumber canning recipes call for your favotire cucumber.

Making homemade pickles is a very easy thing to do and your friends and family will love them. All you need to make these pickles is a pot to heat your vinegar mixture in and a large dish that you can sterilize your canning jars in.

You can certainly go to your local grocery store to get your cucumbers but I recommend going to a local farmers market or growing your own to get fresh ones.

Regular cucumbers will work for canning but Kirby cucumbers, English cucumbers, and Persian cucumbers work for the best pickles. The kind of cucumbers you choose will be up to you.

Pickles are all about vinegar and salt but you can certaintly add a small batch of sugar but not more than a cup sugar to add a little bit of sweetness.

The ratio of vinegar and salt should be more than the combined sugar you add to create the perfect balance. When you combine sugar make sure to mix well.

Keep in mind you will have pickling liquid that your pickles will need to marinate in to get the best results of canned pickles.

We’ve got the scoop on 10 delicious homemade canning cucumber recipes that are sure to be more flavorful and delicious than store-bought ones!

Cucumber Canning Recipes

1. Sweet & Spciy Pickled Cucmbers

These sweet and spicy pickled cucumbers are full of flavor. They aren’t your average pickles.

Serve these sweet and spicy pickles on hamburgers, chicken salad, or even a piece of homemade grilled cheese.

These pickles are easy to throw together and all you need is cucumbers, red peppers or red pepper flakes, jalapeno peppers, salt, white vinegar, sugar, fresh dill, dill seed, or dill weed, celery seed, and cayenne peppers.

If you notice that your peppers have blossom end on them and start to become sunken, dark brown or black, and leathery do not use them.

Let these refrigerator pickles sit in the fridge for 24 hours so that all the delicious flavors get soaked into the cucumbers.

The sweet pickles add for great taste as well!

2. Dill Pickles

There’s nothing better than homemade dill pickles to pull out of the fridge! 

This dill pickle recipe is fresh and delicious. With the perfect balance of salty and tangy with a touch of sweetness, everyone will love these.

The ingredients are simple and inexpensive, especially if you grow your own fresh cucumbers.

All you need to do is fill your jars with herbs and flavoring and tightly pack it with cucumbers leaving ½ inch headspace.

3. Bread and Butter pickles

Bread and butter pickles are sweet and tangy with a nice crunch to them!

The key to keeping them crunchy is chilling your cucumbers and onions under ice. This is a great way to always ensure our pickles will taste the best.

This canned cucumber pickle calls for pickling brine flavoring. If you boil your brine it will will help all the flavors meld better.

To make the brain you need sugar, apple cider vinegar, mustard seeds, celery seeds, turmeric, and crushed red pepper. 

You’ll never want to buy store pickles after eating these.

4. Garlic Dill Pickles

If you are a garlic lover these are the pickles for you. You’ll be craving more after each bite.

All you need to make these pickles is a pot to heat your vinegar mixture in and a large dish that you can sterilize your canning jars in.

Kirby cucumbers are especially good for pickling thanks to their small size and firm flesh. These dill pickles can last up to a month in the fridge.

5. Ranch Pickles

Ranch pickles are a great summer recipe that doesn’t take long to prep and are ready to eat the next day!

When you use fresh ingredients including fresh dill, onion, and garlic it adds for the best flavor. Make sure to shake the jar every few hours or so if you can to make sure the ingredients are well distributed.

If you are wanting thicker skin on your pickle make sure you are cutting them in wider chunks but if you are picky about your skin on pickles I would peel them off.

Add these to any sandwich or burger, dips, serve as a snack or appetizer, or add as a pizza topping.

6. Jalapeno Dill Pickles

These dill pickles are filled with a jalapeno zing, garlic, and fresh dill that require no canning and make perfectly crisp and crunchy dill pickles.

Pickling and cucumber recipes are easy and anyone can do it. Make these spears, chips, or halves, and wait just one day to let the flavors sink in.

These are perfect to give out to a friend, neighbor, or serve them at family gatherings, cookouts, or picnics.

7. Vinegar Pickled Cucumbers

Vinegar pickled cucumbers are great to serve with steak, stew, or burgers.

These are the easiest pickles to make that tend to be acidic and are generally more subtle than other pickles due to the short time it takes to create them.

Simply cover your cucumbers with hot vinegar in mason jars and boiled to preserve them. They can be stored on a shelf and involve more work and cooking than their fermented cousins.

Apple cider vinegar is a good choice for many picles. It has a mellow, fruity flavor that blends well with other spices that you decide to add.

8. Tomato and Cucmber Salad

Marinated tomato and cucumber salad is simple and flavorful. The layers of onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes are so colorful. The flavor isn’t too pickley or vinegary.

Since the tomatoes and cucumbers are canned together, they give a very unique flavor to each other. These pickles have an extra delicious flavor because of the tomato juice that you marinade it in.

Adding a teaspoon mustard seeds helps to kick up the flavor of mild ingredients.

Canned cucumbers go great with green beans, spices, peppers, and pretty much anything!

It’s perfect as a side dish or a quick pickles snack throughout the day!

9. Crunchy Pickles

The secret to making crunchy dill pickles is to use small cucumbers that are firm. You will also want to soak your cucumbers in an ice water bath for a couple of hours.

Submerging them in cups water with an icy bowl or in the fridge before canning pickles will help them firm up and stay firm.

To keep your pickles crunch add bay leaves or grape leaves into your brine. A bay leaf is a great way to add some extra flavor to your hot brine.

Make any of your favorite pickles into crunchy ones by sampling picking the right cucumber and letting them firm up.

10. Kosher Dill Pickles

These classic homemade kosher dills are as easy as two steps and six ingredients!

All you need is your cucumbers, garlic cloves peeled and halved, pickling salt, white vinegar, dill sprigs, and black peppercorns.

Simply wash and cut your cucumbers then combine your ingredients, create the mixture, and jar them up. Your cucumber slices can but cut in halves, into spears, or sliced into coins.

Canning Methods & Tips

Water Bath Canning: The water bath canner method is one of the easier methods of canning that lets you store your homemade jars of pickles.

By processing jars in a hot water bath and high heat at the end of the recipe, you lock in the fresh flavor for a full year.

Fill hot water in a large pot about half full and boil. The boiling water should be brought to a full simmer. Medium heat and low heat will not be enough to bring to a boil.

Lower the filled jars into the simmering water one at a time with a jar lifter or use a canning rack to lower all the jars into the water at once.

Cold water: For a quick and easy way to help ensure crisp pickles soak them in ice water for 4 to 5 hours before pickling. This is a safer method for making crisp pickles. Make sure the water level covers all the cucumbers.

The processing time for pickles to refirgerate is a long time, typically 24 hours so make sure to keep that in mind. This allows all the flavors to sink in.

If you choose to leave your pickles out at room temperature then you must keep them away from sunlight or heat and in a cool place.

Make sure to clean your jars, the top of the jar, the bottom of the jar, the canning lids, and wipe rims as well.

Always make sure that you’re jars are sealed tightly and there are no air bubbles.

Home Canning Tools

There you have it the best delicious pickles that you’ll want to make 100 jars of pickles! These will become your new favorite recipes.

You can certainly find more recipes for canning cucumbers on the web, social media, and cooking books but we’ve found the 10 best for you.

Check out the National Center for Home Food Preservation to learn more.

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