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10 Disney Movies That Need Their Own Rides

Many fans of the Disney Parks rejoiced when they heard the news about Splash Mountain getting a makeover based on The Princess and The Frog. However, there are still many Disney movies that haven’t been made into attractions yet. Here are the top ten Disney movies that need a ride in one of the theme parks.


1. Tangled

Even though there’s an area in the Magic Kingdom inspired by Tangled, I think the movie should also have a ride. It could take place in the tower, or be a boat ride where guests float in the water. The famous lantern scene recreated with lighting effects would be a beautiful sight to share with your loved ones.

2. Emperor’s New Groove

Emperor’s New Groove is an underrated movie about a spoiled prince who turns into a llama. Many people have come up with ideas for rides inspired by Emperor’s New Groove, such as a rollercoaster that drops when Kronk pulls the wrong lever. Moreover, I would love an attraction that resembles the scene where they fall off a waterfall. Sharp rock at the bottom? Bring it on!

3. Enchanted

While this is a live-action movie, Enchanted has all the hallmarks of a classic Disney movie, so a ride themed after it is only fair. The attraction could resemble Peter Pan’s Flight, which takes place inside and moves guests around to look at different scenes from the movie. I’d love to see Giselle either show us around New York or maybe her animated land of Andalasia.

4. Onward

The new movie Onward is about two brothers on a magical quest, trying to bring their dad back to life before time runs out. This movie is very imaginative and would make for a great attraction. Perhaps we can ride in the “Guinevere” van like they do in the movie.


5. Moana

Moana is about a girl who will be the village chief, but who also wants to be a voyager. A ride in the parks could take us on one of Moana’s voyages in the sea as we listen to the iconic music by Lin Manuel Miranda from the movie. “You’re Welcome” for this idea.

6. Tarzan

While there is “Tarzan’s Treehouse” in Disneyland, it hasn’t yet got a ride based on the movie. For example, the attraction could take you on a journey through the jungle, and it would fit in perfectly in the Animal Kingdom in Disneyworld. A ride where we swing through the trees like Tarzan would make us feel like the king of the jungle.

7. Meet the Robinsons

The future has arrived, but a ride based on this movie hasn’t. Meet the Robinsons revolves around a kid inventor named Lewis, who travels to the future with Wilbur and meets his zany but lovable family. This film captures the spirit of Tomorrowland, as the theme of the movie is about innovation. A ride where we meet all the crazy family members, run away from the bowler hat guy while in the time machine would be fun for the entire family.

8. Coco

We all remember crying in the theatre to Coco and crying every time we’ve watched the movie since. This Pixar film celebrates the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos. In the movie, the aspiring musician Miguel enters the land of the dead and reunites with his family. In general, I’d love to see a ride capturing this beautiful spirit world.


9. Hercules

The story of Hercules who went from zero to hero is inspiring and needs to be featured in a ride in the parks. Obviously, the muses would guide us through the attraction as they sing. Also, the ride could have guests sitting on chariots as they roam through ancient Greece.

10. Zootopia

Zootopia is a movie about talking animals that live in a city together. Also, it features the unlikely crime-solving duo of Judy, the bunny, and Nick, the fox. This 2016 movie contains important themes about the dangers of racism and the importance of multiculturalism. Because of this, a ride that takes us through Zootopia would be a great addition to the parks.

Hopefully, these films will get rides of their own someday. But for now, we can find comfort in rewatching these movies on Disney Plus until it’s safe enough to go to the parks.

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