10 Most Dramatic Things We Know About The Bachelor Winter Games So Far

by Sarah Scoop
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With the new Bachelor spin-off show, The Bachelor Winter Games, premiering in a couple of weeks, these are the “most dramatic” things to know before you watch. From the return of beloved fan favorites to new and exciting international contestants, The Bachelor Winter Games is sure to not disappoint.

1. There will be two 2-hour episodes of The Bachelor Winter Games a week but only for 2 weeks. Yes, you heard it right… 6 hours of Bachelor shows a week.

2. 12 Bachelor and Bachelorette fan favorites will be competing on the United States team.

3. There are 14 people from Bachelor shows across different countries competing on the international team.

4. There will be plenty of special guest appearances from the OG Bachelorette, Trista Sutter, to professional figure skater, Nancy Kerrigan.

5. The competition will take place at the beautiful Hermitage Club at Haystack Mountain resort in Wilmington, Vermont.

6. The teams will compete in various competitions throughout the show that will, according to an ABC press release, “test the contestants’ perseverance in pursuing relationships with one another while faced with language barriers and cultural differences.”

7. Similar to other Bachelor shows, the competition winners will receive a “date card” to take the person of his or her choosing out on a one-on-one date.

8. Ashley Iaconetti and Bibiana Julian will compete over the same guy.

9. Despite the Bachelor creator Mike Fliess’s twitter, Peter Kraus turned down going on The Bachelor Winter Games because reality TV just isn’t for him.

10. Lastly, although this show is technically a competition between the U.S. and International Bachelor teams, it still focuses on love. But after all, what would a Bachelor show be without a little romance?


Who else is excited for The Bachelor Winter Games? Let us know who of your favs are competing!

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