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10 Dried Fruit and Nut Holiday Gift Baskets (2023)

Fruit baskets and nut baskets can make great gifts for family members who love dried fruit and nuts. These healthy treats are a low carb snack that replenishes energy, especially after a long day.

assortment of fruits and nuts
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Some of the fruit gift baskets and trays can also come with a reversible cover and include chocolate for someone who has a sweet tooth.

Get creative with what you include in your dried fruit and nut gift baskets as they can make nicer Christmas gifts than a gift card or a pair of socks! You can also look online and buy baskets for free shipping to complete someone’s wish list today.

Here’s the scoop on dried fruit and nut gifts for Christmas!

Dried Fruit and Nut Gift Guide

1. Oh! Nuts- Variety Nut & Dried Fruit Basket

oh nuts gift box

This dried fruit and nut variety gift basket makes a great gift for Father’s Day or birthdays. The box of tasty fruits and healthy nuts is also great for people on a vegan diet with ample helping to share with others.

Some of the unique fruits and nuts included in the box are Turkish apricots, dried apple rings, kiwi slices, and roasted salted pistachios.

2. It’s Delish Chocolate and Dried Fruit Large Gift Tray

tray of dried fruits and chocolate covered nuts

A go-to gourmet solution is this mixture of chocolate and dry fruits on a plastic tray. The platter holds sweet mango slices, chocolate espresso beans, roasted salted almonds, salted cashews, Turkish apricots, and chocolate-covered almonds. Gift this platter to a friend or family member who enjoys the delightful taste of nuts and dried fruit.

3. Bonnie and Pop- Natural Snack Gift Tray

apple shaped nut and fruit tray

A great way to show support for the holiday season is to buy dried fruit gifts for Christmas. This healthy gift basket has over 3 pounds of dried fruits and nuts, including mango slices, California peaches, Washington State apple wedges, and cashews to name a few.

The cool wooden serving trays in the shape of an apple are easy on the eye and make a great party snack for tasty fruit.

4. CherryPicked Dried Fruit & Nuts Gift Basket

cherrypicked fruit and nut box

Have a hearty treat with this assorted dried fruit and gift basket! These edible arrangments include pineapple chunks, apricots, bananas, and even papaya chunks for an exotic delight on the tastebuds.

This gift box is also ideal for both men and women, featuring fruits at peak ripeness as well as an artistic layout of delicious nuts and fruits for any occasion. This gift box will also make great corporate gifts for coworkers who need extra energy.

5. Laumière Gourmet Fruits – Superfood Parfait Collection

gourmet fruit collection

Try this divine gourmet dried fruit collection with no added sugar. The luxurious box allows each delightful parfait to rest in its individual squares, which makes it easier to share with others.

Some of the elegant ingredients in this collection include matcha powder, chia seeds, and Arabic gum. This superfood parfait gift box is the perfect gift for people on specific diets like gluten-free or vegan that want snacks with great tastes.

6. Black Tower Dried Fruit & Nuts Gift Basket

black tower dried fruits and nuts

Most Kosher presentation offer the typical dried fruit and nut assortment trays, but this gift basket is comprised of multiple black boxes for tasty treats and healthy snacks. The boxes can be stacked and also come with a ribbon to match fancy parties.

This snack tower is a perfect holiday present that is affordable and offers a handful of 12 delicious nuts and dried fruits. To go the extra mile, write a personalized letter, so people know who the gift was from.

7. Fruit and Nuts Gourmet Wooden Gift Box

wooden tray of nuts and fruit

Satisfy your salty cravings with this wooden sectional tray with nuts! The wooden box includes walnuts, pecans, roasted almonds, roasted cashews, pistachios, and more.

Make someone’s holiday by giving them a nuts gift basket with pistachios hand-picked to stay energized throughout the day. You can also choose to add dried fruits for people who want to fulfill their salty and sweet cravings.

8. Bloom Dried Fruit Deluxe Tray Basket

bloom fruit tray

This floral arrangement of dried fruit is one of the best dried fruit gifts for Christmas as it comes with a bow and a nice wooden box. It also comes with fresh fruit in the shape of a flower and is great for everyday gifts or as a party dish.

9. Broadway Basketeers Dried Fruit Gift Tray

blue sectional tray of fruits and nuts

Celebrate Christmas or another holiday with this blue sectional tray of dried fruit and nuts.

After finishing the delicious fruit at the peak of freshness, this innovative gift box and tray can be repurposed to store other small snacks like dark chocolate. The exotic fruits are perfect and make better gifts for strict eaters and people on diets.

10. Nut Cravings- Dried Fruit & Nuts Gift Basket 

green fruit and nut box

This light green box features a sectional tray filled with cranberries, peaches, almonds, kiwi, and more. The packaging is top-notch with a matching green ribbon to tie the gift basket together. The dried nuts and fruit come from around the world but are professionally packaged in a New York kitchen in small batches.

Final Thoughts

The holiday season is coming around the corner which means it’s time to start buying gifts for family and close friends. A healthy gift option for a birthday present or any other occasion is a nicely presented arrangement of nuts and fruit. These unique gifts are not only healthy but also help with cravings and energy throughout the day.

If you know someone who might have a strict diet plan, consider gifting them dried nuts and a fruit basket or fruit trays for Christmas, New Year, Fathers Day, or an upcoming birthday. If they enjoy chocolate, gift them a chocolate gift box to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Let a family member or friend know how much you care this holiday season with a beautifully arranged gift that is both delicious and healthy.

That’s the scoop on the best dried fruit and nut gifts for Christmas!

dried fruit gifts for christmas

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