10 Fashion Lessons We Learned From Emma Watson

Emma Watson has become a fashionista right before our very eyes. Having grown up in front of the camera, it must have been difficult for her to figure out her true style without feeling the pressure from the world. That being said, Emma Watson didn’t seem to let it faze her as she has become a fashion icon.


Here are 10 Fashion tips we’ve learned from her:

Comfy Doesn’t Mean Not Glam



No one should have to pick between comfort and style! Emma proves it to us that we can have the best of both worlds! Trends mixed with a relax sense of style can make for a pretty glam look. We all deserve to get everything we want out of our outfits!

Quiet Elegance Speaks the Loudest

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Making a statement doesn’t mean you have to have all the bells and whistles. Sometimes, it’s the simple dresses that show off you at your best! Emma proves that it’s the woman who makes the dress, not the dress that makes the woman! Be a showstopper easily just by being simplistic!

Embrace the Flats

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If you’re like me, it’s always a difficult choice between flip flops or sneakers when it comes to a casual day. Emma knows how to dress up a casual outfit though by including simple flats! Not only does this make a girl feel more… well, girly. But, it also gives us more variety when it comes to our shoes! And personally, I love the idea of more shoe options!

Layers, Layers, Layers!



Layering is a tip that most people have already taken on. If you haven’t tried it yet though, you totally should! Just think like Emma when you try it: take one statement piece and treat the other layers as though the clothes are accessories. The extra layers are helping the statement piece shine.

Sweaters and Sweatshirts: Not Just for Cold Days

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Emma never puts away her sweaters during any season! Her sweater collection doesn’t disappoint. So, why only wear sweaters for only half of the year? Her style proves that a sweater can go with shorts or a flowy skirt just as well as it does with a pair of pants!

Long Dresses Can Be Sexy, Too!

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 5.28.45 PM


Sometimes when we think sexy, we all think of skimpy. But, sexy doesn’t mean skimpy! The queen of long dresses, Emma brings the sexy in an elegant way so much of the time. Emma shows us that it’s the girl that makes the dress, not the other way around!

Tuck It In




Showing off the true beauty of your body can be done just by tucking in your shirt! Tucking in your shirt can also give your look a more polished look.

Women Can Rock a Suit Just as Well as a Man



Suits are not just for men. Just as well, suits can make a woman look so beautiful and sexy! Emma rocks pants with dresses all the time. Why wouldn’t she try a suit, too? A suit doesn’t have to be girly to look good on a woman either. Rock a suit with your own personal style touch, just like Emma does!

Can’t Go Wrong With Black and White



Even though Emma likes pushing the boundaries, she also enjoys embracing the classics like putting together black and white. Emma uses her fashion eye to make sure that the classic color combination is brought into the current time zone and looks fantastic working it!

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Some Structure



Emma doesn’t just do fitted and flowy; she also pushes it when it comes to the structure of her clothes. Not afraid of wearing something architectural, she plays with volume and al different kinds of shapes! It’s more than okay to be playful and modern with your wardrobe! Have fun with it!

Being true to yourself is the biggest lesson Emma has taught us. Take these tips and embrace who you are with your style!

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