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10 Hallmark Movies to Celebrate the Start of Fall

With the leaves beginning to drop, it’s time to celebrate fall! Get the scoop on ten fall Hallmark movies to help start the season right. If you love Hallmark as much as us, also check out Celebrities You May Not Know Are in Hallmark Movies.

1. “October Kiss”

October Kiss” is a fall Hallmark movie about a nanny and a widowed father. Poppy takes care of Ryan’s two kids. She also helps Ryan see that family matters more than his work. There are also jack-o-lanterns and costumes, which will get you excited for Halloween!

2. “Love, Fall & Order

“Love, Fall & Order”is a must-watch movie for fall. It’s about Claire, who comes home to save her father’s Fall Fest and pumpkin farm. Her old high school rival Patrick is also the lawyer she has to fight in court. But the two find their connection hard to resist while eating caramel apples and being around the fall leaves

3. “Autumn in the Vineyard

Frankie and Nate are at odds with one another when they have to split ownership of a vineyard. They both are determined to win the best wine at the autumn harvest festival. Their bickering eventually turns into flirting. Lovers of autumn and wine will enjoy this romantic movie.

4. “Pumpkin Pie Wars

Faye and Lydia are friends who become enemies after a pumpkin pie contest gone wrong. Afterward, they open up different bakeries. They also expect their children to take up the rivalry. However, they have a Romeo and Juliet situation on their hands when their kids fall for each other. “Pumpkin Pie Wars” is sure to get you craving pumpkin pie! If you’re still hungry, watch these food-themed hallmark movies to satisfy your cravings.

5. “Falling for Vermont

Angela is an author who needs a break from publicity. However, she ends up getting in an accident and wakes up with amnesia. But Angela’s situation isn’t too bleak, as a handsome doctor gives her a place to stay until her memories resurface. “Falling for Vermont” captures the heart of every fall Hallmark movie. It includes a festival, family bonding, and of course, true love. 

6. “Under the Autumn Moon

An executive wants to buy a ranch to turn it into a company retreat spot. But the guy who owns it only promises to sell if she understands life on a ranch. “Under the Autumn Moon” has cowboys, horseback riding, and a wonderful fall atmosphere. 

7. “Love, of Course

Amy gets a job planning a Fall Harvest Festival. She ends up working with Noah, a charming professor. They fight whether or not there should be pumpkin bowling, but sparks fly as they pick apples. If you love farming and fun festivals, you’ll love this movie. 

8. “Midnight Masquerade

Elyse is a businesswoman who inherited a candy company. But she encounters copyright issues, so she hires Rob’s law firm. As Halloween approaches, Elyse throws a masquerade for the staff. Due to being in disguise, Elyse doesn’t recognize Rob. Will she find out the identity of her secret prince? This fall Hallmark movie has great costumes that will remind you to buy your own for Halloween. 

9. “Falling for Look Lodge

This fall-themed Hallmark movie premieres on September 26th. It’s about the activities director Lily, who becomes close with the bride’s brother, Noah, as she plans the wedding. If you like movies about weddings, you should also check the Hallmark movie “Wedding Every Weekend” starring Kimberley Sustad.

10. “Harvest Moon

Jenny’s father bought a pumpkin farm. When they go bankrupt, she heads to the farm to lend a helping hand. While she has more experience around sales rack than working in the fields, she helps the farm thrive. “Harvest Moon” will get you in the mood for pumpkin carving this Halloween

We hope that these movies will get you in the Halloween spirit. What are your favorite fall Hallmark movies? Comment ones we missed down below!

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10 Best Hallmark Movies to Celebrate the Start of Fall