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10 Halloween Products You Can Buy Already for Under $15

October is already here, which means that Halloween is just around the corner! If you’re on a budget, don’t worry. You can still have a spooky holiday.

Here are ten Halloween products you can buy already for under $15:

1. Butterfly Wings Halloween Costume 

Image Credit: Amazon

Step out of your cocoon by getting this butterfly shawl. It’s gorgeous and is sure to win you any costume contest. You can buy it for $14.99 on Amazon.

2. Mini Foam Pumpkins 

Image Credit: Walmart

Embrace the season of fall by decorating your home with these small pumpkins. They’ll be the perfect addition to your desk, windowsill, or table. Get these six pumpkins for $9.91 at Walmart.

3. Halloween Pumpkin String Lights

Image Credit: Amazon

Do you want your home to have a spooky ambiance for Halloween? These jack-o-lantern lights are perfect for late-night parties, and they’re only $10 at Target!

4. Sanderson Witch Museum Pillow

Image Credit: Amazon

Cozy up with this Sanderson Witch Museum pillow inspired by the cult-favorite Disney film “Hocus Pocus.” It’s $9.99 on Amazon. But if you get this, be wary of lighting candles during a full moon. The Sanderson Sisters might come back to life and “put a spell on you.”

5. Harry Potter Tie

Image Credit: Walmart

Are you planning on going as a wizard for Halloween? If so, then you’ll need to wear the Hogwarts uniform! This Gryffindor tie based on the “Harry Potter” series is magical because it’s only $4.99 at Walmart. 

6. Foam Tombstones

Image Credit: Target

Impress trick-or-treaters by putting these tombstones on your front lawn. They can make your yard look like a cemetery. Get them at Target for $10!

7. Spiderweb Lace Decoration

Image Credit: Amazon

Use these spiderweb lamp shade covers to creep out your guests. They’re a great decoration to make your home look haunted. Also, they can go over windowsills and fireplaces. They’re $6.99 on Amazon. 

8. Deluxe Face Booklet Kit

Image Credit: Walmart

Complete your costume by using this make-up kit. It comes with a how-to guide for different looks you can rock on Halloween. Buy it at Walmart for $9.99, so you can transform into the monster of your choosing.

9. Halloween Hanging Candelabra

Image Credit: Target

Make your home gothic by hanging up this Halloween Candelabra. It’s simple to assemble and will make your home look like you’re on the Haunted Mansion ride in Disneyland. You can buy it for $11.49 at Target. 

10. Day of the Dead Face Tattoos

Image Credit: Amazon

Celebrate Día de Muertos with these tattoos. The tattoos also come with a floral headband to sweeten the deal. Get them both for $6.99 on Amazon!

Buy these affordable products to get an early start on Halloween!

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