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10 Interesting Facts about Bridgerton’s Regé-Jean Page

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s Bridgerton yet, go watch it! And if you have there is no doubt you want to learn more about Regé-Jean Page. He plays Simon on the series and has won over so many fans.

Here are 10 interesting facts about the leading man, Regé-Jean Page.

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10. London to Zimbabwe and Back

Regé-Jean Page was born in London, but spent a majority of his life in Zimbabwe and then moved back to London for his schooling. He says that he found it more valuable growing up in a place that is not the world’s center of attention. 


9. Pronunciation of His Name

Regé-Jean Page always had a hard time with interviewers pronouncing his name wrong. He clarified the way his name is pronounced with a twitter post. His tweet states that Regé is pronounced like reggae, Jean like Wyclef Jean, and Page is clarified with a book emoji.

8. Appearance in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1

He is spotted very briefly in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1. A few internet sleuths took screenshots of and excitedly shared them on Twitter. The role isn’t credited on Page’s IMDB but he sort of confirmed that he was an extra in the movie when he replied to a fan’s tweet about it with a wink emoji. 

7. Punk Band Adventures

Page formed a band with his younger brother after he returned to London during his teens. As he claims, this act was his attempt to explore artistic career pursuits. 


6. Starred in Shondaland’s For the People

Before appearing in Bridgerton, Page worked with Shonda Rhimes. He starred in Shondaland’s For the People on ABC (2018-2019). In his interview with Who What Wear he said, “I was very familiar with the people I was working with at the company and with the company’s ethos from the inside out, I love the people in this company, and I trust them.”


5. Other Notable Work

He also starred in the 2018 action flick Mortal Engines, the BBC Three drama series Waterloo Road. He can also be seen in the History Channel’s Roots miniseries. He shared the screen with Tessa Thompson in the romance drama Sylvie’s Love.

4. Graduated From the Drama Centre London

Page graduated from the well-renowned Drama Centre London in 2013. The name might sound familiar because of it’s alumni. Pierce Brosnan, Gemma Chan, Luke Evans, Emilia Clarke, Gwendoline Christie, and Colin Firth just to name a few. 


3. Child Actor

Page started acting at a very young age. According to People Magazine, He landed his first “role” as the Little Drummer Boy in his school’s nativity play. He started expanding the horizons of his artistic self since he was 13 years old.

2. Advocate for the Black Community

He has a big desire to showcase Black joy. Page feels Black joy has rarely been shown in historical context. In an interview with InStyle Page said, “We’ve all known how to smile since the beginning of time. We’ve all gotten married since the beginning of time. We’ve all had romance, glamour, and splendor. Representing that is incredibly important because period drama for people who aren’t white shouldn’t mean only spotlighting trauma”


1. Snack Preferences

Page has very particular snack preferences. One peculiar snack he mentioned in his interview with InStyle is a blueberry bagel with cream cheese and cherry conserve which according to him “is kind of like this weird cheesecake bagel that is so wrong and so right”. 

And finally, we can’t help but admit that we are very excited to see him in the second season of Bridgerton!

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