10 Kansas City Breweries You Need to Try

Kansas City is no stranger to good food and drinks, but one area that can go unnoticed is the local breweries that the city has to offer. With large lists of craft beer and delicious menus to go along side it, these 10 Kansas City breweries are a must try!

Brewery Emperial

With a unique beer list and a food menu that will send you on a culinary adventure, Brewery Emperial should be a must try for everyone in the Kansas City area. A large, outdoor eating and drinking area makes for a nice place to enjoy a drink and a bite if the weather is cooperating.

1829 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO, 64108 | Website 

Boulevard Brewing Company

A Kansas City icon, the Boulevard Brewing Company has been part of this town since 1989. With free walking tours offered daily, this is one deal you won’t want to pass up. Just be sure to get there early, as tours can fill up fast. Boulevard has numerous year ‘round and seasonal beers that you’ve probably seen in you local grocery store, the walking tours provide a chance to see how they are brewed first hand and maybe discover a new flavor you haven’t seen before.

2501 Southwest Boulevard Kansas City, MO 64108 | Website

Double Shift Brewing Company

Located in the Crossroads, Double Shift has something for everyone. The relaxed atmosphere provides customers with a comfortable setting to find their ideal flavor. With five full time beers and nine part time beers offered, there is no way you won’t find the right beer for you.

412 East 18th Street, Kansas City, MO, 64108 | Website

Cinder Block Brewery

A long list of craft beers can be enjoyed at Cinder Block Brewery. With the ability to walk through the actual brewery while on your visit, you can enjoy one of the many delicious beers and maybe learn a thing or two on how your drink was carefully crafted.

110 East 18th Ave North Kansas City, MO 64116 | Website

Kansas City Bier Company

 Focused on creating German style beers, Kansas City Bier Company has a long list of German style laggers and ales that they have put their own twist on for you to enjoy. Along with the great beer comes a traditional beirgarten where you can enjoy the nice weather and hang out with others who also want to experience a new take on German style beers.

310 West 79th Street / Kansas City, MO 64114 | Website

Torn Label Brewing Company

With sixteen beers to offer, Torn Label Brewing Company is the place for you if you are ready to try new things. Torn Label offers a creative twist on traditional beer styles that will keep you on your toes, whether you are a beer expert or a beer newbie, this is the place for you.

1708 Campbell, KCMO 64108 | Website

Stockyards Brewing Company

 Located in the historic Kansas City Stockyard Districts, and established in 2015, Stockyard Brewing Company is a must try. With a menu full of delicious hand crafted beer and a historic building to house the brewery, you get a taste of Kansas City history that you may have never had before.

1600 Genessee St. Suite #100 Kansas City, MO 64102 | Website

Martin City Brewing Company

This microbrewery, once a dream of two friends, is now a reality that offers numerous handcrafted beers. On top of the large assortment of beers, Martin City also offers a menu that can appeal to everyone. You won’t leave this brewery hungry or thirsty.

500 E 135th Street Kansas City, MO 64145 | Website

Border Brewing Company 

With 10 types of beer on tap, there truly is something for everyone at Border Brewing Company. They welcome all types of beer drinkers from little to no experience, to beer experts, everyone will feel welcome when enjoying a pint at Border Brewing.

406 E 18th St. Kansas City, MO 64108 | Website

Big Rip Brewing Company

You can find Big Rip Brewing Company in North Kansas City. With a changing menu, you never know which unique beer you will get to try next. Both dog and bike friendly, Big Rip has a warm atmosphere that is welcoming to all beer lovers and encourages you to bring your own food in to enjoy or stop by their neighboring restaurants before stopping in.

216 E 9th Ave, North Kansas City, MO 64116 | Website 

Each one of these breweries offers its own unique twist on a traditional drink. With new flavor combinations, incredible food options, and welcoming atmospheres, these breweries can be a hit for everyone. So be sure not to miss the quality beer and fun events that each brewery has to offer.

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