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Top 10 Most Dramatic Bachelor Moments Ever

Throughout the years, the number of contestants there for the “right reasons” has gone down, but the Bachelor’s fan base has only gone up. However, one thing that will never go down: THE DRAMA. It’s difficult to narrow down the most dramatic Bachelor moments ever to just ten, but we took one for the Bachelor Nation fam and narrowed the list down our favorites.

Here are the top 10 most dramatic moments from The Bachelor:

1. Clare Tells Juan Pablo Off

The moment that rightfully earned Clare her Bachelorette title was when she told Juan Pablo off on The Bachelor finale. After hearing crude remarks from Juan Pablo, Clare told him she “lost respect for him” and that she “would never want her kids having a father like him.” Ouch.

2. Ben Says I Love You To Multiple Women

Ben Higgins broke The Bachelor’s unspoken rule (“Do not say I love you to multiple women”) when he told his final two women, Jojo, and Lauren B., that he loved them. Both women thought that Ben would pick them as his final choice and Jojo was left utterly heartbroken when Ben broke up with her.

3. Nick Reveals What Happened In The Fantasy Suite

The fantasy suites are contestants’ one moment to be alone without the cameras. As one could assume, most contestants who enter the fantasy suites like to keep the time they had private. This was not the case for Nick Vial. Nick told all of Bachelor Nation of his time in the fantasy suite with Andi on The Men Tell All. Andi was extremely hurt and felt disrespected that Nick would claim she took advantage of him. The two have since mended their relationship and can laugh about the whole thing.

Bachelor dramatic moments: Nick reveals fantasy suite

4. Kalon Disrespects Emily

When applying to be on the show with a single mother Bachelorette, one would hope that a contestant would like kids. However, this was not the case with Kalon, a contestant on Emily’s season. When discussing Emily’s young daughter, he coldly referred to her as “baggage”. Upon hearing this, Emily, who was shocked beyond belief, sent Kalon home immediately.

Dramatic Bachelor moments: Kalon disrespects Emily

5. Justin Runs Away

Things took a turn for the scandalous on Ali’s season of The Bachelorette when she received a phone call revealing that Justin, a contestant on her season, actually had a girlfriend and was only on the show to become famous. Upon being confronted, Justin literally ran away.

6. Wes Had A Girlfriend The Whole Time

Jillian Harris was unfortunately conned by one of The Bachelor’s worst contestants ever. Wes not only went on the show with a girlfriend but tricked Jillian into including him in her final four men. Wes disgustingly boasted of being “the first guy to make it to the top four with a girlfriend” exclaiming that “his acting days were done.”

Dramatic Bachelor moment: Wes has a girlfriend

7.  Brad Breaks Up With Both Of His Final Women

In one of the most dramatic Bachelor moments, and a show first, Brad Womack decided to end his relationship with both of his final women in season 11. This decision earned Brad the little-desired title of “the most hated Bachelor in history.” Both contestants, Jenni and Deanna, were left alone and shook after Brad said goodbye to each woman, not even choosing to try out one of the relationships.

Brad breaks up with both finalists

8. Colton Jumps The Fence

In one of the most heavily promoted and hyped up moments, Colton did, in fact, “jump the fence.” After Cassie, his clear favorite contestant, expressed her desire to leave the show, Colton freaked out and decided to jump a fence, giving producers their much-desired drama. How’s that for romantic gestures?

9. Jason Ends His Engagement

Although similar situations have happened since with Arie and Peter, Jason Mesnick was the first bachelor to break off an engagement with Melissa and try to start a relationship with the runner-up, Molly. Bachelor fans saw their jaws hit the ground during this painfully uncomfortable live moment on After the Final Rose. As awkward as the situation was, Jason clearly made the right decision for himself as he and Molly are now married with two kids.

10. Rozlyn Has An Affair With A Producer

In one of the most shocking moments in Bachelor history, Rozlyn, a contestant on Jake’s season of The Bachelor, was called out by Chris Harrison for having a fling with one of the show’s producers. Rozlyn completely denied the accusation even after learning the producer had admitted to the affair, which was witnessed by some of the other girls.

I am sure many of you would choose 10 different drama-filled moments from the past 18 years as your favorite. That is the best thing about the Batchelor —  there is more than enough drama to go around. The show continues to “up the ante” and I can only imagine the drama yet to come.

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